10 Healthy Couples Bedroom Toys Habits

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Couples Bedroom adult couple toys

The market is bursting with options to increase intimacy, enhance pleasure, and spice up a regular sexual relationship. To make the right option for you and your partner, begin with a conversation — in a calm moment and outside of the bedroom.

Dual-Ended vibrators

Toys that stimulate both ends can be enjoyable for couples to play with. Wand vibrators with clitoral stimulation are fantastic to play with. These vibrators are also a great way to add orgasm to sexual encounters that are penetrative. Some can be controlled from a distance for added excitement. Couples can also use butt plugs and silicone dildos to play anal. They are able to be used for penetration without or with a partner.

Some couples feel uncomfortable or competitive when they are around sex toys, but that isn’t the situation. Whether you and your partner are new or experienced, these toys can help your love grow to new levels. Make sure to use lubricant that is water-based when using these toys and be clear about the time of penetration.

The Satisfyer Endless Fun Silicone MultiFun Couples Vibrator has two arms independent of each other that provide 100 amazing vibration options for both partners. The soft silicone and glass head rotates at 180 degrees which is ideal for a variety of different positions. It can also adjust to accommodate different body widths, which allows for a creative and fun moment.

A new and sexy take on the classic bullet vibe This toy comes with a non-vibrating side and a vibrating one for added sensation. The wide side can be used to give vaginal or anal pleasure, while the curving side is perfect for penetration into G-spots. It’s made of medical-grade silicone and comes in a gorgeous pastel pink shade that is easy on the eye. The toy is rechargeable and is water-resistant for enjoyment on the move. The silky smooth vibe also provides a whisper quiet “gentle touch” mode for a more discreet experience. It comes with a toy bag and comes with an unconditional satisfaction guarantee.

Sex-Position Pillows

Sex pillows allow partners to try out new positions, create different angles of penetration, and also enhance the erogenous zones for a more intense and enjoyable experience. These pillows are also perfect for couples with different heights. For instance, if one partner is taller than the other, getting into a cowgirl position may be difficult without a sex pillow to raise their pelvic region and allow the genitals to be more accessible.

most popular adult toys sex pillows are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. They include ramps, which feature an inclined surface that where you can drape your body across to get various angles of penetration, mounts, which elevate the hips and are ideal for grinding and humping and cylinders, which provide support for different areas, such as the knees and back. Some come with covers that are removable for easy cleaning, as well as pockets to secure handcuffs, or an dildo.

A few sex pillows are designed for full-body massage. They can be used to enhance intimacy and ease muscle and joint pain. The Bedroom Bliss XL Bondage Cushion For instance, it comes with an integrated wand massager as well as a the dildo pocket for couples that want to concentrate on the areas of erogenous stimulation.

The size and material of a sex pillow also affect its quality. Choose a cover that is soft and comfortable to the touch, but durable enough to withstand best bdsm toys repeated use and abrasion. Many pillows come with zippers that allow them to be easily unzipped and cleaned. Look for pillows with an internal pocket big enough to fit handcuffs and other items for restraining. These are essential for BDSM couples who love to play hard and take safety very seriously.


Blindfolds might not be as popular as vibrators, however they can add a lot of fun and excitement to sexual experiences. Blindfolds can make your partner more vulnerable and intensify sexual orgasms.

You can buy blindfolds in erotic toy stores, but you can make your own at a lower price and with a more personal design. Silk scarves, silk tights or tube socks are ideal for making a simple blindfold. You can even add a little kink to your blindfold by wrapping it with bondage tape, which is available at many fetish stores.

If you’re looking to up the intensity, you can try adding silk ties or handcuffs for sensory deprivation. You can also play with food play by placing something yummy (like a brandied cherry, a slice of mango flesh or chocolate sauce) on your body and then blindfolding yourself to find it. This kink is particularly effective to stimulate oral sex however it can also be used on other parts of the body too.

One of the main reasons a blindfold is particularly effective in oral sex is that it takes away the inhibitions that can come from feeling self-conscious about how you look during sex. You can concentrate on the pleasure of touching and the sensations that come with orgasm, rather than worrying about whether it looks good.

Blindfolded sex isn’t arousing experience for men more than it does women. This is due to the different in the way both genders are stimulated. Sexual therapists agree that sight is the primary attraction for males, which is why most men’s erotic fantasies are centered around sexy lingerie or images. However, most women get most excited by the sensation of touching. This is why cuddling, massages and the feeling of silky underwear are as the most enjoyable things for women.


These handcuffs are an excellent method to test the limits of restraint. These handcuffs measure 49.5 inches in length and can be used to restrain your partner from any position. One option that is sexy is to tie them to the bed frame to allow you to rock some serious neck and head action.

Another great reason to wear these cuffs would be to test out shower sexual sex with your partner which can be a very naughty sexual challenge, and it also feels extremely sensual. The soft cuffs for the legs and wrists ensure that you and your partner are comfy while you play. They also have suction cup attachments to secure them to a wall or other surface. This set is also inexpensive, with a price of less than $20. You can use it for solo play.

If you are new to BDSM this is a great opportunity to try it out. However, as with any sex toy, is essential to talk to your partner to ensure that everyone is at ease. Utilizing a sex toy for couples is a good way to work out any kinks or discomforts and learn to have fun with erotic play Reed. Reed.

There are a variety of other restraints that couples can use. These include thigh straps which tighten around the waist and the harness that is anchored to the ceiling. This allows you to lock in for extreme play. Ashford suggests that if you’re planning to try BDSM but aren’t certain where to start Start small with wrist restraints. This will allow you to improve your skills and confidence gradually.


Lubricants are the cherry on top of a sexually attractive cake. They can increase pleasure in a variety of ways. They can help reduce friction between the vagina and anal penis, fingers, dildo or any other sex toy. They can also be employed as massage oils to give a different feeling (warming or tingling) and to create an additional sensation.

There are four kinds of lubes: silicone, water-based, hybrid, and oil-based. Each type of lube functions differently. A silicone-based lubricant is ideal for fisting or sexual activity that is not penetrative however it is not compatible with condoms or other toys. A water-based lube such as Sutil Rich however, is great for decreasing friction and is compatible with a wide range of sexually-oriented toys. Hybrid lubes like Sliquid Silk, are a good middle ground and work well for anyone who wants the advantages of both a water-based and a silicone lube. Lubricants made of oil, like Gun Oil Pink Water are robust and last for a long time, but they do not blend well with condoms that are made from latex.

When buying lubes it is important to think about your requirements and that of your partner as well. There are many options in big box pharmacies, stores, and grocery stores. While some brands are more popular than others, it’s all about finding the Best Bdsm Toys one for you and your partner.