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How Much Do Replacement Car Keys Cost?

It’s never a good feeling to lose your car keys. GEICO’s Emergency Roadside Service can help you quickly get back on the roads.

It is a good plan to buy a spare key before you lose yours. To make this more convenient we’ve created a guide on the cost of replacement car keys. cost.

Mechanical Keys

Not long ago, misplacing or losing a car key was no big deal. You could purchase an extra key and then use it in the ignition. However, modern automobiles are more technologically advanced and it’s more expensive to replace keys that have been lost.

Hiring an auto locksmith is the cheapest alternative. They are usually able to duplicate a metal key for less than $50. This type of key isn’t equipped with a chip, and will not be able unlock doors or start engines.

Modern car keys come with transponders, also known as chips, that must be programmed correctly. This can only be done by a professional who understands what they’re doing, such as an auto locksmith in your area or an expert from a dealership’s service department.

The cost of a mechanical key is relatively affordable, however the programming chip in modern cars can cost more than $300. It is best to always keep a spare key on hand and keep it safe.

It’s crucial to know the type of car keys you have before seeking help. An older, standard car keys replacement key has a classic double-edged metal key that can be put into the ignition cylinder and turned to turn on your car. These keys aren’t as common however they are available at your local home improvement store for around $10.

The next type is the transponder car key replacement car. It has an embedded security microchip that sends a message to the vehicle’s computers to unlock the doors and begin the engine. It is more difficult to duplicate than a mechanical key, and can only be done with specialized tools that are accessible to a locksmith car dealer. It could cost you $500 or more based on the model and make.

Transponder Keys

Transponder keys are used by vehicles to connect with their car. They incorporate a microchip in the key. When the key is placed in the ignition or next to your vehicle, it sends an encoded code that allows your car to start. This is a wonderful feature to have since it deters theft. It also makes it more difficult to steal your car, because a burglar will need both the key and transmitter to turn it off and drive off with it.

A transponder key costs just a bit more than a regular one, however, it’s because it needs to be programmed. The majority of locksmiths will be able to program a transponder key, but it is best to inquire with your car dealer whether they are able to do this as well. They are the best option as they have the best knowledge of programming these keys, and they can offer you a better price.

Many auto manufacturers have their own anti-theft mechanisms. It is essential to conduct your research prior to buying your next vehicle. You should be able to find out which kind of key it is compatible with and if it requires an electronic remote to unlock it.

Certain newer cars are equipped with a transponder system for passwords. They are more complicated as they require specialized tools to program them. They are more secure, however, since they use rolling-code encryption that changes the password each time they are used. This means that if your key were cloned it would not work in your car.

Whatever type of key you have regardless of the type, it is essential that you never try to break into your own car yourself. This can raise alarms with insurance companies, and a lot of mechanics will refuse to assist you if they notice signs that your vehicle has been opened or tampered with. This could make it hard to get replacement parts, so be sure to contact an professional Mesa mobile auto locksmith.

Laser-Cut Keys

It’s likely that a key cut with lasers is much more difficult to take or lose than a metal key. Keys with laser cutting don’t have a notch cut along the edge of the blade – instead, there’s a winding groove that cuts to a certain depth up the middle of the key’s face. This makes it easy to differentiate between authentic and fake keys when you look at it from above. They are easy to identify, so you won’t get locked out if you have your key lost while doing errands or working.

If your key is a laser-cut one then you’ll have to contact an locksmith who has equipment for making these kinds of replacements. Most of the time your local hardware store isn’t able to create a new laser-cut key because they don’t have the equipment required to cut and program these types of keys.

A locksmith will use a machine that looks very similar to a standard drill to cut the metal of the key, which will remove the entire surface of the key to the desired length. The key’s unique code can be found from the VIN, and the key will be cut according to your vehicle’s specifications.

Laser-cut keys differ from regular transponder key because they do not contain any electronic components or chips that can be changed. They have to be destroyed and replaced by a new one. This is the reason why laser-cut keys can be expensive, since they require a complete reconstruction of the entire key.

It’s always recommended to keep at least one spare key on hand in case you happen to lose your car keys. Then, you can call a locksmith to have the key cut and programmed so you can reenter your car without having to pay for it to be towed back to the dealer.


Unless you own an old classic car, chances that your vehicle is equipped with one of the most advanced high-tech fobs that allow you to open and start your vehicle without the need for a key. These keys contain special electronic chips that need to be programmed in order to function with the vehicle you own. Some locksmiths are able to do this reprogramming, Cost Of replacement car key but it is usually best to have your dealer do it. They have the necessary tools and are knowledgeable about your specific car, which can ensure it’s done correctly.

The cost Of replacement car key of replacing your car’s key fob can be up to $500 based on whether it is an electronic key or a remote-controlled key. That doesn’t include the cost of a brand new mechanical backup key that you might need in the event that your fob is lost or stolen.

The loss of your car key used to be an inconvenience. Now it’s a serious issue. That’s because modern cars have made keys so easy and reliable that thieves can now steal them, explains Richard Reina, training director at CARiD. Fortunately, advances in car key technology have made it more difficult for thieves to steal keys.

The new keys are available in various dimensions and shapes, but the one that has both transponder and a mechanical key is most expensive. This “smart key” comes with a spring-loaded shank that folds up into the fob, similar to an a switchblade. This makes it less likely to get lost or hidden in pockets like a coat. These are usually more expensive than simple remote-controlled keys and may need to be replaced by a dealership.

If you have a spare fob that is in your vehicle and could be copied, you might want to try to save money by purchasing an aftermarket replacement from a company like Amazon or a third-party key and lock specialist that offers programming for many automobiles. You may be able to cut and program your own fob for less than a dealership charges and save yourself up to $200 or more. Make sure that the new fob and key you purchase is the same year, model and model as your original so it can be coded to work with your car.