10 Tell-Tale Signs You Must See To Look For A New Birth Defect Lawyer

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A Minneapolis Birth Defect attorney Defect Lawyer Can Help Your Family Achieve Justice

Birth defects can have a dramatic impact on your family. It is imperative to act swiftly should a medical professional committed malpractice during your pregnancy, which caused the condition of your child.

A lawyer who has expertise can assist you in filing an action against the responsible parties. In the meantime, start gathering bills, receipts and credit card statements.

The causes of birth defects

Birth defects can have a variety of causes. Some birth problems are caused by genetic problems. Genes that aren’t working properly or are missing completely (like Turner Syndrome and Down Syndrome) could cause these. They can also be caused by chromosomal issues, where some or all of the chromosomes have extra or too few cells.

These problems are usually diagnosed in utero by ultrasound or amniocentesis. A sample of amniotic fluid is taken and tested to detect genetic mutations and chromosomal anomalies. In some instances doctors will not discover the birth defect until a baby is born or exhibits symptoms, for example, having an extra finger, cleft lip or club foot.

Apart from chromosomal and genetic issues birth defects can be caused by problems with the nervous system, brain and musculoskeletal problems that affect joints, muscles and bones. They can range from mild to severe and affect a person’s appearance or function, such as their learning abilities as well as their strength and mobility.

Certain birth defects are inevitable however, others can be avoided. Couples who have a history of certain genetic disorders should think about genetic testing prior to trying to have a child. Avoiding exposure to certain drugs and chemicals and illnesses and other environmental factors, can also reduce the chance of developing birth defects. Medical negligence or malpractice in the treatment of a pregnant woman may also contribute to birth defects, therefore it’s important to speak with a birth defect lawyer If you believe that an error in your medical treatment may have caused your child’s condition.

Medical Malpractice

indiana birth defect lawyer defects cases involving medical negligence can be a bit complicated and require expert testimony. A knowledgeable and compassionate medical malpractice lawyer can assist your family to get justice and receive the amount of compensation you require to ensure that your child will lead a normal life.

To determine if you are in a medical malpractice claim Your attorney will begin by identifying the child’s birth defect and connecting it to the medical professionals who were involved in his or her delivery. Your attorney should also be aware of the date when the birth defect of your child was diagnosed. This is important because it will inform you the time you have until the statute of limitation expires and you can file your claim.

It is also important that your attorney has access to your medical records as well as any other documents you may have that are related to the birth defect of your child, including bills, receipts and credit card payment receipts. This will assist your attorney in proving the extent of your child’s injuries and determine what compensation you are entitled to.

Birth defects can occur by a variety of causes, including medical conditions or genetics exposure to illness and infections, or even exposure to drugs or chemicals. However, the majority of birth defects aren’t caused by medical malpractice or other negligence. When a doctor [Redirect-iFrame] fails to perform his or his or her duty of care and the result is an injury to a baby can medical malpractice claims be justified.


A birth defect is an abnormal development in a particular part of the body of a newborn that is present at birth or develops during pregnancy. The Centers for Disease Control explains that these birth defects can affect any part of the body of the baby and can vary from mild to life risky.

These ailments are usually caused by the mother’s lifestyle or genetics. However, in some cases, medical negligence may be the reason for the child’s condition. An experienced Hyattsville birth defect lawyer can assist parents discover the root of their child’s illness and take legal actions.

Drugs can cause birth defects that are serious. These substances are referred to as Teratogens. They include prescription drugs and illegal street drugs. Thalidomide for instance, was once a popular sleep aid and anti-nausea medication during pregnancy, but was later discovered to be one of the most devastating birth defects linked to drugs in history. It caused limb reduction problems along with other mental and physical impairments.

Doctors have a duty of care to evaluate the dangers associated with certain medication they prescribe to pregnant women. They commit malpractice when they fail to consider this. Pharmaceutical companies and pharmacies have an obligation to warn women about the dangers of using their products.

Toxic Exposure

Although many st louis birth defect attorney defects are the result of an unfortunate genetic anomaly that could not have been prevented, some of them result from exposure to toxic chemicals in the uterus. These chemicals are often present in the medicines a pregnant woman takes and in environmental contaminants at the workplace or at home or in harmful chemical agents in a workplace. These chemicals, often referred to as teratogens, may cause serious birth defects, such as spina bifida. They can also cause problems with development, skeletal abnormalities, brain damage and muscular dystrophy.

Some toxic substances, such as arsenic or cadmium, can be found in soil and drinking water. Lead is a well-known contamination that can be found in paints for houses artwork materials, plastics, and cosmetics. Other toxins are pharmaceuticals such as selective serotonin-reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs), that have been found to increase birth defects.

A lawyer who specializes on birth defect cases can help parents determine if a certain drug or chemical caused the birth injury to their child. In these cases our lawyers can bring a product liability claim against a chemical or pharmaceutical manufacturer who has developed and manufactured dangerous chemicals or medications. Alternatively, we can make a claim against doctors who prescribe drugs that are identified to have harmful side effects on pregnant women.