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How to Fix a Key Fob That isn’t Working

If your key fob isn’t functioning There are a few simple steps that can fix it. First, check to make sure it’s not your backup remote.

If the backup remote is able to lock key repair near me and unlock your car doors, then there’s a likely issue with the primary remote. The most common causes for car remote key failure are circuitry or battery issues.


It is not uncommon for the battery in a car key fob to wear out. It is fairly easy to replace batteries, but it is crucial to make sure that you choose the correct type that you can refer to your owner’s manual, or contact the manufacturer’s dealer to find out what kind of battery you need. It’s recommended to examine the battery compartment thoroughly because dead batteries can release caustic chemicals that could cause damage to the remote. If changing the battery doesn’t solve the issue there may be additional issues requiring professional attention. For instance, if the buttons appear stuck or damaged It may be necessary to take the remote apart and rework its parts. You can also try reprogramming your car to recognize the new key fob.


Through repeated use, key fobs may get dirty and worn. This is not atypical however it can cause buttons to stop working or remote Key repair require a very hard press for them to work. This can be very frustrating especially if you’re out of town and need to start your car. Even malfunctioning or worn-out buttons are often fixable with a bit of time and materials you already have at home.

First, check that the batteries are correctly placed and that the indentation on the back of the button has been filled. Open the remote carefully and look over the circuit board. Look for signs of corrosion or other indications that the buttons are worn out or damaged, like missing the conductive paint. Utilizing the Q-tip, dipped in alcohol, gently clean any membrane contacts that have worn or where conductive paint is missing. Don’t rub too hard as this can damage the conductive paint and prevent the button from firing when it is pressed.

Check the battery connector terminals for loose solder connections. Soldering them back into place will restore the button’s functionality if this is the situation. You can apply the same process to restore functionality to any other loose connection in the fob.

If, for instance, any of the buttons made of rubber on the front of the key fob aren’t working or require a long press to function it is likely the graphite disks that are on the back of the button are deteriorating and require replacement. This is usually done by rubbing a pencil across the disks, which will bring the button back to its original state.

If none of these solutions work or you not be able to get the button respond when you press it hard, it is possible that the circuitry has failed. It is possible to fix the issue by cleaning and re-soldering the fob but you should also have an extra in case it does not work.


The circuit board inside your remote control could be dirty, regardless of whether the buttons on the key fob function or not. This issue can be fixed by a thorough inspection. Broken cases and water are the most common causes of dirty boards. A broken case allows water and other debris to get in and short circuit the electronic components. Water can also eat through pins and vias, which are small connectors on the board.

If you’re able to open your key fob and don’t mind making a mess, we can de-solder the buttons and then solder new ones in their place. It’s also worth checking the connections between the battery terminals. If they are loose, the buttons may not function or get stuck in their down position. Soldering the terminals and buttons to their proper positions is usually enough to restore a non-working fob back to working.

Non-Remote Transponder Chips

Sealed non-Remote key repair transponder chips are more durable than the remote fobs that have them but they can be cracked by a hole that is drilled into them or over by a lawnmowers blade or door handle for a car. The majority of non-remote transponder chips fail, and this could be attributed to an exploded fuse.

If you’re handy enough to open up a sealed non-remote key fob and are able to bear the mess, Remote key repair you can take off the circuit board and examine the fuse with a multimeter for proper diode function. If you’re not comfortable with this, you can go to your local Oreilly or hardware store and utilize their RF frequency tester. This will inform you whether the key fob sends a signal.


Key fobs are not indestructible and are susceptible to damage by a variety of factors. They may lose their connection to the receiver in your car because of shock or a low battery, which calls for them to be reprogrammed. A professional auto locksmith, or main dealer, can reprogram your key fob and get it back working again. If resetting or replacing your key fob fails, you may need to replace it.