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Erb’s Palsy Legal Defense

A medical mistake during childbirth could damage the nerve network of the neck and shoulder of a baby’s. This condition, also known as Erb’s Palsy, may cause long-term complications in the affected arm.

A lawsuit for brachial plexus injuries can help families get justice and financial compensation. A successful lawsuit will also hold medical professionals accountable and help prevent future birth injuries.

Birth injury lawsuits

A birth injury lawsuit could assist a family to receive the financial compensation required to care for their child with Erb’s palsy. The lawsuit can also hold the medical professionals responsible for their actions. An experienced Erb’s-Palsy lawyer will guide a family through the legal process.

The condition is caused by the damage to a nerve bundle in the arm and shoulder known as the brachial plexus. The first sign of Erb’s Palsy is typically an inability to elevate the affected arm above the head. It could be a challenge to bend the elbow or put the hand into an “waiter’s tip” position. If both the lower and upper nerves are damaged the patient may suffer from a more severe version of the condition known as total or global brachial plexus palsy.

It’s usually the result of an error made by doctors during a challenging birth. Shoulder dystocia, for example is when the shoulders of the baby get stuck in the birth canal. Doctors may use forceps, or an extractor vacuum to deliver the baby but this can stretch the nerves and lead to Erb’s palsy.

A successful lawsuit for Erb’s palsy can result in compensation for a patient’s treatment currently and in the future which includes physical therapy, occupational therapy, surgery, and special equipment. Compensation can also cover lost wages and pain and suffering.

Statute of limitations

The costs of caring for a child who suffers from Erb’s palsy can be astronomical. Settlements can aid families in paying the costs. While a settlement won’t be able to repair the injury your child suffered but it will aid in the cost of medical treatment and other necessities for the rest of their life. The value of your child’s case will be determined by the severity of their injuries as well as the amount of future treatment they may need. Your MA Erb’s Palsy Lawyer will collaborate with your doctor to determine this value and then present it at the trial.

The majority of birth injury lawsuits are settled outside of court rather than going to trial. This is because it may be more costly and erb’s palsy Lawyer time-consuming to fight for your rights during a trial. However, if your legal team can prove that the healthcare professional acted unreasonably and that their negligence caused the injury to your child, they may be able to obtain a substantial settlement.

You should contact an experienced Erb’s Palsy lawyer as quickly as you suspect that the shoulder injury suffered by your child was the result of medical malpractice. Every state has a statute of limitations that sets an amount of time you have to file your claim. You’ll lose your right to sue if you do not meet this deadline. Therefore, it is imperative to set up a free consultation as soon as you can.


While a child with erb’s palsy attorneys palsy cannot be completely cured, treatment can help improve their quality of life. Physical therapy is an essential part of the recovery process and helps to restore motion and strengthens the muscles of the arms and hands. This is only beneficial in the event that the nerves haven’t ruptured or torn. If they were, then surgery may be necessary.

The root cause of Erb’s syndrome is the damage to the brachial nerves that run through the shoulder and neck. This is most often caused by a problem during delivery known as shoulder dystocia. This may occur when a baby gets stuck beneath the pelvic bone of the mother. In an effort to remove the baby, medical professionals may resort to excessive force and traction on the infant’s skull, which can damage the spinal cord and nerves.

A doctor who has been negligent in treating this condition can be held liable for the injuries. Settlements can be used to be used to pay for future medical expenses and treatment costs, based on the severity of an injury.

It is important to hire a lawyer who has experience in dealing with birth injury cases. These lawsuits can be complex and require a lot of research into the medical records of the victim. The time limits in each state may differ and must be observed.


When Erb’s palsy is caused by negligence in the medical field, victims may be entitled to compensation for their child’s medical costs or loss of income and suffering. A lawyer with experience in birth injury lawsuits can help families receive the justice they deserve.

Injury to the brachialplexus can result in permanent and serious damage to the brachialplexus. In some cases they may lead to paralysis. This kind of injury occurs when a baby is placed in an open or large position or during an uneasy delivery. When a doctor uses excessive force to deliver an infant, the shoulder may become caught behind the mother’s pelvic bone, leading to the shoulder nerves to be compressed, stretched or torn. This is called shoulder dystocia, and can result in Erb’s Palsy.

In this phase your lawyer will collect evidence for your case. This may include medical reports in writing. The legal team of the defendant will gather evidence to support their side of a case including witness depositions as well as additional medical documents.

Once all evidence has been collected, the attorneys will try to reach an agreement. In the majority of cases both parties will settle on a certain amount. The lawsuit will end. However, if the defendant does not agree to settle the case, Erb’s palsy lawyer it will go to trial. During the trial, the jury and judge will listen to both sides and decide whether the defendant is accountable for your child’s injuries.