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How to Program a Volvo Key Fob

Whether you drive a compact S60 car or a larger XC90 SUV, it’s vital to keep an extra key fob in the event that one gets lost. This spare key fob can be used by anyone who drives your Volvo frequently.

The battery in the fob must be replaced every so often. The key fob cover can be removed by pressing the black button.

Keyless Entry System

The key fob of the key fob of a Volvo vehicle or SUV comes with a mechanical key blade that you can use to unlock and enter your vehicle if the battery of your remote key dies or you need to get it reprogrammed. The Volvo experts at our dealership in Mission Viejo, CA are here to explain the process and answer any questions you may have.

The Volvo key fob features buttons that let you lock and unlock your doors, however there are additional features that are available on this high-tech device. Your Volvo key fob can be used to control the ignition and alarm systems of your car. The key fob can be used for a variety of hidden functions that include the ability to close your windows, roll them down or shut the moonroof or sunroof when it’s equipped.

You can program a brand new Volvo remote key at home or bring it to locksmiths for expert programming. Refer to the owner’s guide for the model you own. It will give you specific instructions on how to program the key fob and other accessories.

If you are required to change the battery in your Volvo XC40 remote key, locate the small grey button located on the bottom of the cover for the key fob and press it to slide open the back of the key fob. Remove the battery that was in use and replace it with a new CR 2032 3V battery. These batteries are easily available at supermarkets and pharmacies.

Keyless Start

Volvo’s advanced remote key communicates with the vehicle without a physical car key. This helps keep the back seat secure from gangly teens in rear-facing child safety seats and provides peace of mind that the key fob won’t let just anyone get into the vehicle. The key fob will unlock the doors once you are close enough.

You can also start your Volvo remotely by pressing the button on the key fob. This allows the car to warm up or cool down to a temperature that you prefer before you get inside. This is perfect for those chilly winter mornings or hot summer days.

If your Volvo’s key fob isn’t functioning properly, it’s likely to need to be reprogrammed. Our experts here at volvo v90 key of Mission Viejo are happy to guide you through the process and discuss the various options to get it completed.

This lighter smaller Key Tag is designed by Volvo Dealer Accessories for cars that feature keyless locking and unlocking. It can be used to replace an existing remote, or as a spare remote for family members who use your Volvo frequently. It has the same functions as your standard remote and is simple to program – just insert it in the ignition switch and then press the buttons on your key fob to correspond with the required codes.

Key Fob

Some Volvos come with a key fob that has hidden features that go beyond locking and unlocking the doors. The lock button, volvo xc90 keys locked in car for example, can also close windows and the moonroof when fitted. This feature can be particularly useful if you are parking on a slope and wish to prevent your car from sliding away when you’re not looking.

Remote opening of the tailgate is also a useful feature. To accomplish this you need to press the unlock button twice in succession. The tailgate will be opened and then unlock automatically upon the second press. The same process can be used to close your tailgate.

volvo Xc90 keys locked in Car‘s key fobs also contain an electronic key blade that can be used in an emergency. This feature is useful if you lose your key fob or if you accidentally lock yourself out of. It is possible to locate the key blade inside the fob by taking off the cover. You can use a small flat head screwdriver to accomplish this.

You may require the key fob programmed by a dealer or a professional locksmith to use the vehicle. Before replacing the key fob, it is essential to verify your VIN number. You may have to replace the ignition in the event you fail to do so.

Mechanical Key Blade

Unless your Volvo has a keyless start system, you will require a mechanical blade to open and lock the door of the driver. This hidden mechanical key blade will still unlock your car in the event that the remote key battery runs out. You may have to replace the mechanical key blade however, if it gets damaged.

If you have a mechanical blade on your key fob, volvo xc90 keys locked in car it’s recommended to rotate the keys often so that one isn’t worn out in the first place. Keep your key fobs in good shape by keeping them clean. Spraying them with WD-40 will lubricate all moving parts.

The key fob contains a small battery which will require replacement at some time. If you notice your key fob is not functioning properly, contact a professional for assistance. They’ll be able to determine if the issue is related to the lock, key, or other components in your car’s safety system. In most instances, they can resolve the issue at home or at their shop. They’ll then test your key to make sure that it functions. If your Volvo key doesn’t turn it could be a problem with the ignition cylinder or the steering column’s binding lock.