15 Reasons To Love Wall.Mounted Electric Fire

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Wall Mounted Electric Fires

There are two main types of wall-mounted electric fires that are flush (or recessed) or freestanding. The flush mount electric fireplaces look more finished and built-in, however they require more work, time and money to put in.

Installing a wall-mounted electric Wall mounted fireplaces fireplace is fairly simple, providing you have the appropriate tools. Depending on the type of fire you choose, this will require either fixing mounting screws or an attachment to the wall.

Ultra Slim

Many homeowners want the warm, inviting look of a fireplace without the hassle and cost of installing traditional chimneys and fireboxes. A wall-mounted electric fireplace is an ideal solution. They are ultra-slim and easy to install, and have a range of options for setting. Some models can provide additional warmth for rooms that are as big as 400 square feet. Some models even have remote controls.

The best way to locate the ideal electric fireplace for your home is to go to a showroom that is focused on these types of products. Elegant Fireplaces & Interiors in the GTA carries a wide variety of electric fireplaces and a design team to assist you in selecting the ideal one for your space. Visit their website to view their photo gallery or call to make an appointment.

Although most electric fires and fireplaces need to be erected into the wall, this model from Touchstone can be hanged on the wall with the mounting bracket. It is a beautiful slim unit that comes with an arched glass firebox and LED flames in 7 different colors. The flame effect appears real, and the remote control includes various functions, including several temperature settings as well as five flame brightness levels.

This unit is able to be used throughout the year. It can be used in summer by using the flame setting, and in winter, with the heating settings. The flame’s brightness and color can be adjusted to fit your mood as well.

This fireplace is one of the slimmest available and it is designed to be recessed into the wall but can also be hung on the wall. The fireplace is made from metal and tempered-glass and has a sleek and modern design. It will look stunning in any house. The remote control has several options, and comes with an automatic timer that will turn the fire off after 10 hours.

It is easy to install, with a plug-in wire connection. The fire also comes with a safety function that turns off the fire if it gets too hot. This feature ensures that your family members, including pets, are secure when using the fireplace.

Easy to Install

You can create the appearance of a fireplace within your home with electric fireplaces that are wall-mounted without having to make any structural modifications. They are easy to install yourself, as long as you have the right tools. For instance a spirit level or stud finder. You can purchase both at Direct Fireplaces. In fact our customer service team reckons that you can remove and hang your new electric fireplace in under an hour!

It’s important to check that the area you select for your fireplace is close to an electrical outlet before you start. Verify that the power cable from the fireplace is able to reach the socket from the bracket. If it’s not be, you can place the plug socket on the other side of the room and conceal it behind your fireplace to achieve a sleek look.

You should also ensure that any combustible materials are kept at least three feet from the electric fire as this helps to reduce the chance of fire. This includes fabric, wood, paper, and bedding, as well. Also, electric wall mounted Fireplaces you should make sure that the vents are clear of obstructions so that hot air can be expelled.

This stunning Camino model from Flamerite is a wall-mounted fireplace which you can control using your voice. It’s got a stunning 3D flame display and can be controlled using an app for smartphones, or your voice.

If you’re planning to install a standard wall-mounted gas fire, you’ll need an chimney. You should only use an installer who is Gas Safe registered. You can also fit a flue liner to your existing chimney to improve security. Like any gas fireplace installation, you must ensure that your chimney is functioning correctly before turning it up for the first time.

Requires No Chimney

In contrast to a traditional gas fireplace that requires venting and chimneys, wall mounted electric fireplaces do not have to be vented. This makes them an excellent choice for homes that have limited space or who don’t have the building work required to install gas fireplaces. In addition the wall-mounted electric fire does not produce any carbon monoxide and is safe for use in any home.

The heat that a wall-mounted electric fireplace produces is very specific and can quickly warm up a space of up to 400 square feet. While this is not enough to be a primary heating source, it is perfect for adding warmth and making your living room more comfortable. Electric fireplaces are also a great investment as they can reduce the cost of electricity and have very little impact on the environment.

It is important to take into account the BTU and wattage when choosing a wall-mounted electric fire. This will determine the amount of heat it produces and if it is suitable for the space. Also, electric wall Mounted fireplaces you should look for a fireplace that complements the decor of your home.

Installing a wall-mounted electric fireplace is fairly easy with the appropriate tools. Depending on what kind of fire you want to use you might need to attach the firebox first to the bracket before you put the screen in. The fire may come with everything already attached. To do this, you will also need screws and a drill. You should hire an expert if you don’t have these tools.

A hole-in-the wall gas fire is another option for homes without chimneys. Although they are more expensive than a wall-mounted electric fire however, they offer the appearance of a real fireplace without the necessity of vents or chimneys. Furthermore, gas fires usually burn at a higher temperature than electric fireplace wall mount fires, meaning they produce more heat, too. Check with a licensed plumber before installing a gas fireplace in an opening in the wall.

Low Maintenance

The electric fireplaces that are mounted on the flat wall mounted electric fires are designed to ensure that they don’t interfere with the other rooms in your home. This allows you to have more space and is safer for your children and pets. This is because the heater will be out of reach and they won’t trip over it.

Another benefit of a wall-mounted electric flame is that it is simple to clean. You can wipe the interior with a damp cloth. This will stop dust from accumulating within the fireplace. This can cause damage to the heating elements as well as the ember beds.

It is recommended to read the manual that came with your unit prior to cleaning it. The majority of manufacturers do not recommend cleaning the internal components of a wall-mounted electric fireplace as it can cause damage to the electrical system. To protect yourself ensure your safety, use a dampened cloth that is free of lint and has been rinsed.

The other thing to consider regarding a wall-mounted electric fireplace is that there aren’t any ugly flues or pipes that need to be concealed. This can make your house look cleaner and more stylish. Electric fires appear as if they are part of the wall decor which makes them a fantastic choice for homeowners who want to create a modern look in their home.

It is also a great option for people who are moving into a new home because it can be installed without any major renovations. Based on the type of fire you pick, you may be able to fit it onto the wall bracket yourself or you will need to hire an expert. This will cost you a bit more money but it is nevertheless worth it if desire a beautiful low-maintenance fire.