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How to Get a Replacement Car Key

Losing a car Key Replacement Car can be a stressful experience. It may also be expensive depending on the type of key you have.

A call to an auto locksmith is the easiest method to replace a key. This is usually a cheaper and quicker option than calling the roadside assistance or an auto dealer.


In the past, losing your car keys wasn’t a huge deal. You could just visit the local hardware store to purchase an alternative key. Today, the process is much more complex and expensive. It’s because cars are technologically advanced and their keys are also more advanced. And while this may make them more secure against theft however, it also makes them pricier to replace.

The cost of a lost key replacement will vary based on the year, model and model of your vehicle. Many newer cars have key fobs with a transponder chip in them to help prevent theft. These chips must be linked to your vehicle, which typically requires a locksmith or a dealership. The cost can vary based on the model of your car however it could reach $200.

Some modern cars also use keys that are laser-cut and must be programmed using a special machine only found at dealerships and specialist auto locksmiths. The cost of the key for this kind of lock is up to $100.

The location of your home will also impact the cost. If you’re located in a remote area there is a chance that you will need to pay extra for the service since the locksmith or tow truck must travel a long distance to arrive at. Moreover, a locksmith will charge extra for holiday, after hours, key Replacement Car and weekends.

You can lower the cost of replacing keys to your car by keeping a spare at home or in your wallet. It is also advisable to keep your vehicle’s title or registration documents, as these will be needed to prove that you are the owner of the vehicle should you need to contact the dealership to request an exchange key. You can also contact your roadside service for assistance. You may be able get a temporary replacement depending on the conditions and terms of your roadside assistance service.

Time is a major factor.

Losing your car keys can be frustrating However, don’t panic. Take a moment to search for your keys in easy locations, like your purse or pocket. You can then go back and recall your day to determine where you might have left them. This will help you remember if you’ve lost them or if they’re still in your car. If you can’t find your car keys, it might be time to get new keys.

The majority of modern cars come with a remote key fob which uses the code to unlock and start the car. This type of key has to be programmed to ensure that it is compatible with your vehicle. This is usually the responsibility of a professional. Contact an auto locksmith and bring evidence of ownership.

Old-fashioned car keys made of metal are much simpler to replace than remote fobs for keys. They are completely mechanical and are easy to duplicate. A local locksmith can replace your lost key on spot. They can also duplicate the ignition cylinder of your vehicle, which is an extra expense. If you’re looking to make copies of your old keys for your car, visit a hardware shop that specializes in cars to have them made quickly and cheaply.

You should also consider replacing your car keys if they’re beginning to appear worn down. The use of keys over time can wear down the teeth on the keys and this could make it difficult to align them properly. If the key starts to get stuck inside the lock, it’s a sign that it is time for a replacement.

The dealer might need to program the key if you own an older model or a premium car. This is a complicated task that can be expensive and take a considerable amount of time to complete. It could be covered under the warranty on your car or insurance depending on the make of your car.


Even if your driving is excellent, you can still lose your keys. It can be a major troublesome experience, especially if it happens at the most inconvenient times, like when you’re at the petrol station or at the grocery store and you’re just trying to get home. Fortunately, there are several ways to replace your lost key. You can locate an locksmith, call roadside assistance, or call your insurance company.

First, you’ll need to determine the type of key you’re using. It is important to understand that different cars have different keys. Some are old-school and only lock via the key cylinder while others include chips that communicate with the car to open the doors and start it up. Some keys can be replaced with an auto locksmith, however you may need to visit a dealer to order one from the manufacturer if yours is smart key.

Whether you’re using a traditional key or a smart key the first step should be to read the manual or call the dealership for directions on how to connect it to your vehicle. You’ll need proof of ownership and may need to wait a few days before the dealer can make an order for a replacement. This process might also require you take your vehicle to a locksmith or service provider to be programmed, so this isn’t the best option for people on tight schedules or who are unable to move around.

The process is a lot easier if you have an extra. You can buy a new car key online at a cost that is affordable based on the model of your car key fob replacement. If, however, your keys have a key fob and transponder element, you’ll need to visit a qualified expert to have them replaced and programmed. Based on the make and model of your car this could require a tow to the dealership or letting a locksmith complete the task for you.

Another method of getting a new car key replacement car key using a bluetooth tracker. These small devices attach on your keyring and emit the signature, which can be read by a mobile phone that has an app installed. The app will show you where the key is, so you can locate it if you require it.


Car insurance typically does not cover the cost of keys lost. However, there are exceptions. Some of the top insurance companies, that are committed to ensuring customer satisfaction, provide additional insurance for things like keys lost. It is usually an extra cost, but it could be less expensive than having to pay out-of-pocket for replacement costs for keys.

The specific policy and amount of the deductible will determine if your insurance policy covers keys that are lost. The majority of traditional metal keys can be easily replaced however, it could be more difficult if you own an electronic fob or smart key. These keys are laser cut and utilize chips that send signals to your vehicle. They are therefore more difficult to replace than keys made of mechanical. In addition, these kinds of keys can be more expensive due to the fact that you’ll have to pay for an locksmith and the cost of a new key.

If you’re trying to save money on a lost key replacement you should consider using an auto club or roadside assistance service. These services may provide locksmiths with discounted rates and even reimburse the cost of the new key. Some of these companies provide emergency lockout assistance that is beneficial when you are in a hurry to get on the road.

Another option is to contact your car dealer to see whether they can help. Many dealerships have locksmiths on staff, and they might be able to create a new key for an affordable cost. If the dealer needs to make a key for the model you have, it may take several days. No matter which method you choose, be sure to save all receipts and documentation so you can submit a claim to the insurance company of your car in the event of a claim.

Losing keys to your car is a common occurrence. It’s not pleasant however, it can occur to anyone. There are ways to help you avoid costly consequences. The quickest and most affordable method to replace lost car keys is by contacting a local locksmith. However, you should evaluate the financial advantages versus the time and cost involved before making an insurance claim.