7 Small Changes That Will Make The Difference With Your Defra Approved Back+Boiler Stoves

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Back Boiler Stoves From Glowing Embers

Back boiler stoves let you run your central heating system, as well as heating your home. Glowing Embers offers a range of attractive multi-fuel wood burning stoves that are Defra Approved Low Emission Stoves approved.

A Defra stove is a stove that has been modified by the manufacturer to limit the amount of air it is consuming during combustion. This allows it to be legally used in areas that control smoke.

Norvik 5

The Norvik 5 is a beautiful multi-fuel inset burner from the British ESSE range. This highly popular model features a large glass viewing window that lets you to view the stunning flame image from any angle within the room. It is also packed with all the latest features, including Eco Design 2022 compliant, DEFRA compliant stoves list Approved and an A+ Rated Efficiency.

A baffle plate made of cast iron slows down the flames which aids in maintaining the stove’s heat and improve its efficiency. It also reduces the amount of smoke that escapes the chimney. This is essential, particularly when burning wood or other smokeless fuels that produce more smoke. The Norvik 5 is available with an ordinary riddling grate that can be used to clean ash from the top of the coals. The triple burn technology includes Primary Air (control on the door), Airwash Secondary and Tertiary Air (through inlets located above and beneath the fire).

In addition to being a very efficient stove with an impressive A+ rating It is also very efficient and has an A+ rating. Norvik 5 is also very versatile and can be utilized to burn a variety of different fuels. The grates on the Norvik 5 can be removed and it can be used as a small gas burner or as freestanding stove.

This DEFRA approved stove comes with a controlled remote that is sequential and a choice of an ordinary or curved glass window. It also has a cast iron base and top plate, and can be ordered with either a square or a curving door. This model is multifuel, and can produce a maximum of 4.9kW.

It is recommended that the stove is installed by a licensed HETAS installation engineer. The required firebrick linings are placed in place before lighting the appliance for the first time. It must be sited on a non-combustible, safe hearth that extends at a minimum of 225mm in front of the stove and 150mm to each side in the distance from the edge of the combustion chamber. It must also be situated within a room with sufficient ventilation, since the stove requires an air supply to operate and to evacuate flue gases. Vents must be set up in a manner that they do not become blocked.

Serrano 7 SE

With an integrated log store, the Serrano 7 SE offers Broseley’s highest heat output of any stove in their range, with a powerful 7kW. It’s able to comfortably heat large living spaces and those rooms with walls removed. It has the same sleek design as the other models in the Serrano range the multifuel stove is a chic and elegant design that will enhance any room. The large firebox can accommodate up to 24kg of logs. This allows you to make a statement with a burning fire in your home.

This listing is for a single piece of “High Definition Stove Glass,”‘ cut to fit the Broseley Serrano 7 stove. The glass is 5mm thick and measures 426mm x 215mm. Made from SCHOTT Robax (c) glass, which is extremely resistant to extreme temperatures in the short-term and thermal shocks.

Montfort Elegance

The Montfort Elegance stove is the second model in Franco Belge’s multi-fuel stove range. It has a 5kW output and has a larger stove glass panel to give an excellent view of the fire. It also has a less decorative design on the door to give it more modern appearance. Its vermiculite lined firebox permits it to be used in smoke-controlled zones by incorporating the optional DEFRA smoke control kit prior to the installation.

The Camargue wood-burning stove is a beautiful and versatile model. It features a large door opening which allows for logs of up to 50 centimeters in length. It is a top flue model, but can be made into a rear flue by the purchase of an adapter kit. Its striking flame pattern and high power output up to 11kW makes it ideal for larger rooms. It also comes with an air wash system that is pre-heated to keep the glass clean and a tertiary baffle for cleaner emissions.

The best-selling model in Franco Belge’s range is the Montfort Classic. With a stunning glass area and a powerful airwash system to keep it fresh, this stove is an exquisite addition to any home. The Montfort Classic is suitable for Smoke Controlled Zones by adding the DEFRA approved Back+Boiler system prior to the stove installation.

The Montfort Elegance is a more modern design than the Classic model by Franco Belge. The larger glass panel for the stove allows for a better view of the fire and the door is less decorated to give it a more modern appearance. It comes with a NOMINAL output of 5kW and a vermiculite lined firebox to improve efficiency and light reflection. The optional DEFRA list stoves back+boiler is able to be added to the stove before installation to make it an appliance that is room sealed. This permits it to be used in smoke-free zones, which is something that many homeowners want. A tertiary baffle to clean emisions, pre heated airwash and side loading door are all included in the standard features of this model. A large window to allow an unobstructed view of the fire and a choice of brass trims for the front door are also available as an option.


Tritan is BPA-free and has many advantages for DEFRA approved low Emission stoves consumers and the environment. It is durable and lightweight with a neutral flavor and odour. It is dishwasher safe and easy to clean. It is ideal for everyday household chores and use with children.

Tritan was introduced in 2007, is a great replacement for products made from traditional plastics containing Bisphenol A (BPA). BPA can alter the endocrine system and cause health problems for children and adults. It is safe for infants and is even better than glass when it comes to transparency and durability.

The material is also dishwasher-safe and microwave-safe which is a huge benefit for families. It is also odorless, non-porous and will not fade or stain over time. It is also shatter-resistant, and can stand up to pressure and impact. It can be used as a tumbler or a bottle holder, as for a vacuum cleaner and other household appliances.

It is a clear, lightweight and tough plastic that is easy to clean. Its versatility makes this plastic popular for household and outdoor items like tumblers and water bottles. It is also resistant to chemicals such as acids and alcohol. The polycarbonate molecule has high molecular mass and strong crystallinity that gives its excellent clarity. The material is also resistant to scratches, which makes it perfect for high-wear applications.

Tritan unlike other plastics and materials is free of bisphenol-A. It has also passed a stringent safety test. However, it is still a plastic, and it can create environmental issues when it is disposed of in landfills and oceans. Ecozen, an Eastman product similar to this, is biodegradable and can help reduce the long-term effects of plastic waste on ecosystems.

The plastic is also non-odourless and stain-resistant, DEFRA approved Low emission stoves which makes it a great alternative to glass or ceramic. It can be used with microwaves and is dishwasher-safe, which makes it easy to use. It also has great strength and is shatterproof, which makes it a good option for coffee makers.