An Easy-To-Follow Guide To Choosing The Right Birth Defect Case

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Why You Should Hire a Birth Defect Attorney

The joy of being a parent can turn into a nightmare when you learn that your child was born with an anomaly in the birth. The majority of birth defects require lifetime medical care. This can lead to massive financial burdens.

A New York birth defects attorney can determine if the condition of your child is due to medical malpractice or harmful chemicals or pharmaceuticals.

Causes of Birth Defects

If your child suffers an issue with their birth that could have been cured by an expert medical professional, you must contact an Long Island birth defects attorney immediately. A reputable lawyer can handle the preceding steps quickly and efficiently, so that you have time to grieve for your injured family member.

Birth defects can affect nearly every part of a fetus. They can cause physical discomfort or intellectual and developmental impairments like difficulties in communicating or learning or having difficulty with activities like walking or taking care of oneself.

Certain birth defects can be diagnosed before the baby is born using specific tests, like analysing the cells in a blood sample or Birth defect lawsuits looking at samples of amniotic fluid or the placenta. Doctors can detect birth defects using fetal ultrasound or magnetic resonance imaging.

Certain birth defects may be caused through genetic factors like the chromosomes in a fetus’s body and genes. These conditions can be passed down from parents, or they could result from new mutations in the fetus’s DNA that were discovered during the conception. Some of the most common birth defects that are genetic in nature include trisomy 21, spina bifida and Tay-Sachs disease. A variety of other genetic birth defects have no cause known.

Medical Malpractice

It is possible to pursue a claim against an individual doctor for medical negligence in the event that you or your child were injured as a result of a mistake made by the health professional. This could include failures to identify, for instance the doctor does not take the symptoms seriously, gives a wrong diagnosis, and is unable to begin the proper treatment, or fails to follow-up with test results. It could also involve mistakes with medication, like an incorrect diagnosis of anesthesia or prescribing too much medication or the wrong medications, and surgical mistakes.

Finding an attorney who has experience in malpractice suits can be difficult. But you can get recommendations from family members and friends, as well as attorneys in other areas. In addition, you may contact your state bar association. Bar associations generally have search and referral tools to help you find an experienced medical malpractice lawyer.

Chemical Exposure

Sometimes, birth defects can be caused by exposure to hazardous chemicals that affect the mother or the foetus. A lot of these chemicals can be present in the workplace where they are used to create products such as plastics, paint, batteries and ceramic glazes. These chemicals can be consumed or inhaled, or absorbed through the body’s skin. Some of these toxins have been shown to increase the risk of a birth defect in a child, such as spina bifida, or other physical and mental conditions.

These chemical agents known as teratogens can be found in medicines that have been erroneously prescribed by doctors, in chemicals used in the workplace such as those found in semiconductor “clean room” environments, or in toxic substances that can pollute the air and water of communities. The Thornton Law Firm has represented parents whose children were born with birth defects that were serious after the mothers were exposed to glycol ethers as well as pesticides and coal ash at the place of work.

If you believe the birth defect of your child resulted from negligence by a doctor, a hazardous substance or toxic exposure during pregnancy, call an experienced New York birth injury attorney for a free consultation about your case today. These claims are subject to a strict statute of limitations and are time-sensitive. An experienced lawyer can determine if a child is entitled to make a claim, and whether it is appropriate to file the claim through either a settlement agreement or court.

Product Liability

Many birth defects can be the result of an improper prescription or exposure to chemicals. If parents suspect that the child’s health condition is the result of medical negligence or a dangerous drug they should consult a birth defects attorney immediately. These cases are often complicated and extremely time-sensitive.

Medical malpractice claims are often based on the environmental factors that lead to birth defects, such as inadequately prescribed drugs or medications or birth defect lawsuits care that is inadequate during pregnancy. Families should seek legal assistance immediately as the statute of limitation for medical malpractice claims is only one year.

Medication birth defect lawsuits may also be brought in instances where the doctor was negligent when prescribing medications to the mother, for example not knowing the way a particular medication would interact with other medications the mother might be taking or not properly advising her of the potential side effects. A Maryland attorney for medical birth defects will assist clients in obtaining damages when a doctor has acted negligently and causes birth defect attorneys injuries or birth defect.

A family with a newborn who has a serious birth defect could be required to pay for a hefty amount of medical treatment, surgery and therapy throughout the life of the child. An experienced and knowledgeable birth defect lawyer can assist parents determine if their child’s medical condition was the result of medical negligence or a dangerous drug toxic exposure.