Are You Getting The Most The Use Of Your Wall Fireplace?

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How to Decorate Around a Wall Fireplace

A fireplace in the wall can be your living room an attractive focal point that requires attention. There are a variety of models on the market, however, so it is essential to choose one that will meet your requirements.

The most significant features are the heat output, the appearance and the controls. If you’re not aware of these elements, it’s best to seek out a professional to help you choose the right model.

Molded Squares

The living room required an overhaul to the fireplace due to its stale stone surround and boring walls. The new design is bright, appealing and makes this hearth the center of the room. A whitewashed mantel and contemporary artwork above the fireplace’s facade modernize it while contrasting with the gray shelves below. The fireplace facade is enhanced by a few color variations.

Base cap molding and thin trim pieces are combined to create a simple yet effective way to frame the fireplace surround. Select a trim style that contrasts with or complements the other trim elements, such as the thick casing around windows and doors to create a cohesive look. If you’re looking to create an elegant, high-end look, consider using fluted trim around the sides of the fireplace to give the appearance of a mantel. For a more rustic, farmhouse style, Trendy fireplaces choose to use dentil trim instead.

Wainscoting accent walls is an extremely popular way to add the look of a room. The same method can be employed to frame the fireplace professionals. Try a paneled option like tongue-and groove cedar siding or beadboard instead plank boards to create a dramatic look.

Another non-combustible option you can create the fireplace surround is brick, which comes in a variety of styles and colors. A classic brick fireplace with red accents is ideal for Craft Revival or Cottage-style homes. The rustic-look brick is an alternative that is able to blend with a more traditional, country decor.

If you want to incorporate brick into the design of your fireplace ensure that your hearth is 16-18 inches from the opening of the firebox and the surround is between 8 and 12 inches in all directions. Be sure that the brick you select is safe and complies with all local and national codes.

Open shelving can be excellent for storing books and other things. However, too many shelves can overwhelm the appearance of a fireplace. The owners of this family room created a wall-to-ceiling limestone cladding in order to elevate the design without overwhelming open shelving.

Rustic Wood Beam

Rustic reclaimed wood beams are the perfect frame for a fireplace on the wall. They add timeless beauty to any home. Reclaimed wood beams come from barns, stables and other demolished structures. Each beam carries with it its own unique history. Reclaimed wood can be used conjunction with wide plank ceiling panels for a fully rustic design or as accents to modern kitchens. They have the typical barn wood markings, such as mortise and nail holes, as well as a natural aging process that improves their longevity.

Search architectural salvage yards and flea markets for wood pieces that you can make into a fireplace. The earthy tone of pine used as a backdrop for this traditional living room mantel and surround evokes a cozy country retreat. The knotty imperfections of the wood create a rustic appearance and complement the simple lines in the beaded-board wainscoting on the fireplace’s wall. A pair of sconces with a natural theme and a landscape-themed painting above the mantel add to the rustic coziness of this space.

Repurposed wooden beams can provide an attractive feature to any room in your home. They can be left as is or stained to match your current decor, or they can be distressed and carved to give them an antique appearance. They can also be painted to give an updated look or covered with faux finishes such as rust or marbled paint.

The wooden beams are able to serve as the central point of any fireplace. They can be placed above a freestanding gas or ventless or electric fireplace or incorporated into a brick or stone fireplace. They can be used to illuminate the mantel without a burning fire.

Regardless of which method of installation you decide to use, make sure that your wood or steel beams are properly protected from the effects of fire. Both types of materials can become brittle and weaken when exposed to extreme heat, however both are able to be strengthened with a layer of fire-resistant drywall or commercial fire-protectant sprays on I-beams made of steel. These products are available in a wide variety of home improvement stores.

White Hexagon Tile

Hexagon tile can make a dramatic statement when used as an accent for your fireplace. Its design instantly brightens the room and can be incorporated into any style, whether traditional or modern. The matte finish is perfect to create a polished and sleek appearance, while also adding a pop of contrast to make the fireplace pop.

Hex tiles can also be combined with a variety of texture choices for a more customized appearance. Stone-look tile is a popular option that gives the room a classic, rustic feel while pairing beautifully with natural materials such as wood. Marble-look tiles are another classic option that gives an elegant and luxurious look to the room. These tiles have an elegant and glossy surface that reflect light beautifully and enhances the space.

The perfect tile pattern can enhance the entire look of the fireplace. For example, the ribbed tile on this fireplace by @lorenapulichinodesign creates an interesting visual element that pairs beautifully with the smooth, thick mantel. The pattern of the tile gives the whole space a handcrafted appeal that balances the organic modern style of the fireplace and the overall modern design of the room.

If you are unsure of taking a risk with a pattern in your home, the fireplace is a great place to experiment with the bold style. It might be a bit intimidating for other rooms. This geometric tile (here’s a similar option) with its black grout lines gives the room a sophisticated but fun energy. The hexagonal shapes resemble cubes to create an exciting layout. The dark brown color gives this space an inviting, warm look that complements the industrial decor.

Another option to make an impact with your fireplace is to select tiles that look like the appearance of brick or a similar material. This textured tile, made by LA Designer Affair, has a similar look to traditional brick but with the added benefit of being much easier to clean and maintain.

Consider using a peel-and stick tile to modernize your fireplace’s surround without costing you a dime. These tiles are resistant to heat and therefore suitable for fireplaces and able stick to existing surfaces. This herringbone peel and stick tile is an excellent option that will add a sense of elegance to any living space, while coordinating beautifully with traditional furnishings.

Paint the Mantel

If a fireplace on the wall has a brick surround, the best method to minimize its appearance is with fresh coats of paint. The mantel can be painted in a different colour to give it a more cosy and spirited look. Whether you choose to match it to the decor’s color scheme or opt for something more striking or bold, a new color will make your fireplace stand out as a showpiece.

If your mantel is made of wood, you should first examine it for cracks, nicks and gouges. Fill in the dents using wood putty if they are small enough. Allow it to dry for the period recommended. Sand the surface with 100-grit paper to roughen it up prior to painting. To remove any debris or dirt wipe the surfaces that have been sanded with a damp cloth.

While white is a popular option for walls and trendy minimalist fireplaces ( but the right color can really help your mantel stand out. To get ideas, examine the wood trims on your bookcases, mouldings and walls. Does your mantel match in color as theirs or is it darker or lighter? If the latter, choose the color that is well-matched to keep the look balanced.

Cover the area around you by using a dropcloth or sheets before you begin painting. Remove any ornaments or display pieces that were hung over the mantel. If your fireplace is brick, remove any pictures or ornaments that are located on or within it. Once the mantel is cleaned, you can use a damp cloth and wipe it down to get rid of any soot or dust.

Apply a basecoat using brushes or rollers to your mantel. The semi-gloss finish is long-lasting and stain-resistant, so your mantel will stand up well to the heat of the fireplace and any other items that are placed on it. Let the primer dry according to the recommendations of the manufacturer prior to moving onto the main body of your fireplace wall.

The brick can be quite heavy in color and weight. Paint the mantel with the light or neutral color to make it appear brighter and more inviting. If you choose to paint it the lighter hue, think about using it in conjunction with an earthy toned piece of artwork or a large mirror over it to balance the look.