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Where to Buy Vibrators and Drildos in the UK

According to research, Brits are sex toys crazy. A quarter of them own four in the average. In fact, the Brits are more likely to spend money on dildos and vibrators than their French counterparts.

A bone artifact discovered at Vindolanda the Roman fort in Northumberland was called a stainless steel dildo. The phallic-shaped artifact is supple and resistant to heat.

Ann Summers

The name implies that the lingerie business Ann Summers specialises in products specifically designed for women. The multimillion-dollar business also offers the vibrators and sex toys. The founder, Jacqueline Gold, is known for championing female empowerment and encouraging female entrepreneurs. The company now has more than 80 high street stores across the UK offering bras, knickers, stockings and other accessories for lingerie. Knickerbox is a brand that sells erotic products, is also available online.

The company was founded in 1970 as a collection of standard sexual shops, and was later purchased within a year by brothers Ralph and David Gold. Jacqueline 19, a 19-year old, who joined the company at the time, is believed to have been responsible for transforming it from a male-only business to allowing women to work there and introducing sex toys using the Party Plan concept in the style of Tupperware. This allowed the company to bypass the rules that restricted the display and reviews over at Google sale of sex-related products in public places.

The sexy collection has dildos. These are female dildos that can be used vaginally or anally. They are available in different sizes, with realistic or not with veins, or without. Harnesses can be a great alternative to traditional dildos and can be worn underneath clothing to create a more private appearance. They can be paired with vibrators to enhance the sexual experience. They can be used in conjunction with the use of lubricants such as olive oil. However it is recommended that you use condoms.


In the past, it was uncommon for women to purchase vibrators or dildos in the main home electronics stores. It was mainly because high-end retailers considered dildos as fetish toy. However this has changed since the launch of Dame, an all-female toy brand that has made it easier for women to purchase and enjoy these toys.

The products are designed to aid in closing the orgasm gap. They are available in various shapes and sizes. They are also discreet and made of soft materials. The Eva II, fisting for example is a discrete vibraphone that looks just like a pebble. It is perfect for those who are just beginning. There are also straps and harnesses for those who want an experience that is more immersive. There are a variety of options available to those who prefer vaginal perforating.

Dame is one of several female-friendly brands that are aiming to discredit sex products that are marketed towards women. Another is Lovehoney, which specialises in female-friendly massagers and has seen sales rise following the Fifty Shades of Grey trailer was released on the internet.

According to new research, Britons spend PS444million on sexually explicit toys each year. This makes us the world’s second-largest market for sex toys second only to the US and ahead of France. The report, commissioned by the Sexual Health Charity, also discovered that over half of the population owns four sex toys.


If you’re a lover of nookies, but not quite sure where to buy sexually-oriented toys in the UK look no further than online shops. From etsy to eBay There are several retailers that offer kinky pleasure items, including realistic penis-lookalikes, with skin texture and veins, as well as harnesses and straps for vaginal or aural penetration.

If a vibrator isn’t enough, there’s Dildos, which are essentially stand-in penises – which come in a variety of dimensions and textures to match your needs. Some are even double-ended, which allows you to switch between vaginal and anal stimulation by the press of a switch.

If you’re looking for a less-sophisticated alternative, you can go for the Womanizer Liberty model, which features Pleasure Air Technology for alternating pressure and 12 different wave settings. It’s a firm favourite of Lily Allen, who has her own version of the sex toy and is packaged in a white case with no mention of Womanizer.


A dog owner from Gateshead admitted her shock after discovering a 10 inch veiny dildo in the bottom of the paws that were muddy. She believes her cockapoo spaniel Frankie was looking for a dog’s bone on an abandoned riverbank, discovered the adorable toy. The dog was taken to the vet where she was treated for a mouth infection.

The market for sex toys is worth PS14 billion and Britain is the second biggest market in the world. British nookie-mad shoppers own four toys on average, with dildos and vibrators accounting for 27 percent and 25 percent respectively. These are followed by bondage accessories and the clitoral stimulators massagers for males taking up 11 per cent of the market.

Sex toys are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, and can be customized with different textures and vibrations. The materials are also diverse with some made from precious metals and ivory. The choices available in stores and online could be overwhelming for those looking to pursue this career. The most popular online sex toys shop is Lovehoney, which offers an array of options and allows you to filter the selection by price and material.

Another online sex toy store is Womanizer, which counts Lily Allen as a fan. It has a variety of toys that include a vibrator that has an alternating pressure that resembles oral stimulation. It is available in both colors and can be utilized by men or women. It can be customized with different intensities and settings for waves making it suitable for beginners and experts.