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Semi Truck Accident Lawyers

It is crucial to seek medical attention as promptly as you can when you’re involved in an accident with a semi truck accident law firm. This will help you record your injuries and determine whether there are ongoing medical costs.

A skilled semi truck accident law firm truck accident lawyer will examine all possible avenues for potential liability. These include the driver, the company they work for, and even third party cargo brokers and manufacturers.


Truck accidents are one of the most violent kinds of collisions, and they often result in serious injuries. The laws that govern large vehicles make them more difficult to resolve than car accidents. If you or someone close to you was involved in a trucking accident you’ll need an attorney who is aware of the complexities involved. The Schiller Kessler Group has experienced truck accident lawyers that can assist you with obtaining the most compensation for your losses and injuries.

An experienced attorney for truck accidents is aware of all of the pertinent laws and regulations applicable to semi trucks. These include safety regulations as well as hours of service regulations and more. If a trucker violates these rules and causes an accident, the lawyer will be able to hold them accountable. The lawyer will be able to investigate the accident and find evidence that supports your claim.

Attorneys can also help you negotiate with insurance companies. You’ll save time and effort by not having to deal with the insurance companies on your own. Moreover, you should be aware that insurance companies constantly look for discrepancies and inconsistencies. It is crucial to refrain from sharing anything on social networks following a car accident.

It is also essential to capture the scene of the accident. This includes reports from law enforcement, photographs and witness testimony. It is also a good idea to review surveillance cameras close to the accident site. This could provide important evidence that may strengthen your case. It is also an excellent idea to avoid giving statements to the insurance company until you have met with your attorney. This will keep any contradictions from being used against you in depositions or court proceedings.


The consequences of truck accidents can be devastating and, often, fatal. They can cause severe injuries that require specialized medical treatment and long-term treatment. The financial burden they place on families of victims is as well. An experienced lawyer can help victims receive the compensation they deserve.

An experienced lawyer can aid victims in determining what caused of their accident, identifying negligent parties, and accurately calculating the extent of their loss. They can also handle all communication with insurance companies. They will also be able to guide their clients through the complexities of regulations that govern trucking and transportation. This includes regulations pertaining to maintenance, safety, lawyers and driver training.

Commercial trucks are a huge risk to the general population because of their size. They can be the cause of serious accidents, and possibly fatal ones. Passengers are at risk, as they are subjected to 30 times more impacts than drivers of smaller cars. Injuries that result from collisions with big trucks can be traumatic and debilitating. It can also change the course of your life.

If you have been involved in a truck crash and you need to hire an experienced attorney for truck accidents immediately. They can help you identify the parties responsible and ensure that the trucking companies and the appropriate authorities are held accountable. Other parties could be accountable for your injuries other than the truck driver. These include trucking firms and brokers.

An experienced lawyer for truck accidents must be well-versed in federal and state trucking laws. They should be able to determine whether the trucking company is accountable for the negligence of the truck driver, and if the trucker was driving when fatigued or under the influence of alcohol or drugs. They should also be able to analyse the black box on the truck that can provide crucial details regarding the speed of the truck and condition prior to the accident.


In many instances, you will receive enough compensation in settlement to cover the costs of hiring a semi-truck accident lawyer. The settlement will cover costs resulting from your injuries. It could include current and future medical expenses as well as funeral expenses, lost income as well as other expenses. You may also be awarded non-economic damages like pain and suffering or loss of enjoyment from your life.

If you’ve been hurt by a truck, you should engage a NYC truck accident lawyer to ensure that you get the most amount of compensation. An attorney for truck accidents can help you navigate the complicated legal system, negotiate a favorable settlement and fight aggressive insurance companies. They have the resources to thoroughly analyze your case, which is crucial for a successful result.

A truck-related accident claim is more complex than a standard car crash lawsuit because there are usually multiple parties involved. There are various parties and people who can be held accountable, including the owner or operator of the truck and the maintenance team. Additionally, the truck’s black box can provide important information that could be used in a court case.

A good NYC truck accident lawyer will know how to obtain and use this evidence to prove that the truck driver as well as other parties responsible for the accident acted in breach of their duty of care and led to the accident. They will also have a thorough understanding of laws and regulations that apply to the trucking industry for example, FMCSA compliance and braking systems on tractor trailers, and more. This will help them create a compelling case for their clients and get as much money as possible.

Insurance coverage

Commercial trucks are bigger and more powerful than passenger cars which makes them more susceptible to accidents. They carry more cargo, and the financial risk is higher when it comes to truck accidents. In addition commercial insurance policies generally have higher limits than regular car insurance policies. Therefore, trucking companies will employ aggressive legal defense strategies to lower the amount they pay to victims of injuries. Injured victims should consult an New York City truck accident lawyer prior to accepting any settlement offer.

You might be able, dependent on the particulars of your case, to make a claim against more than one party. In most cases, the driver of the truck and their employer will be held accountable. However, third parties can also be held liable. The company that employed the maintenance company to repair its fleet of trucks may be held liable for negligence.

Other entities that could be held accountable include the freight brokers that arrange cargo shipments and load trucks for their clients. They could be accountable for a lack of care when hiring truck drivers, coercion, or insufficient supervision of the driver. Shippers who load trucks can also be held accountable for improper loading. In addition, the manufacturer of the truck or its components could be held accountable for defective products.

Whatever the number of parties could be responsible for your truck accident it is important to keep a log of all medical documents invoices, correspondences and other evidence relating to the incident. It’s recommended to consult a reputable personal injury lawyer prior to making any information to the trucking or insurance companies. The sooner you start your claim, the better the chance you will receive the full amount of compensation.

Negotiation skills

Semi-trucks pose a risk due to their size and weight. If an accident happens it can result in severe injuries and costly property damage. It is crucial to hire a truck crash lawyer with strong negotiation abilities. These lawyers can help get you the money you deserve from your insurance company. They also have a vast knowledge about state and federal regulations regarding trucking.

A skilled truck accident lawyer will have experience working with large insurance firms. They will be able to determine who should be responsible for the accident and work with them to obtain an acceptable settlement. This is important, especially in cases where the victim suffered severe injuries that require extensive medical attention. They can also calculate the future and present medical costs loss of income, getting re-trained for the next job.

A trucking accident lawyer should have a solid track record of obtaining the best settlements for their clients. They should also have a high emotional intelligence and be able to communicate well. They should be able know that you’ve experienced a harrowing experience and sympathize with the circumstances. They should also be able explain complex legal matters in a simple and easy-to-understand manner.

In the majority of cases, trucking firms and insurance companies will do their best to keep the settlement as low as it is. Insurance companies can even deny liability and claim you are to blame for the accident. Your lawyer will negotiate with the insurance company and make sure that the settlement you receive is sufficient to cover medical costs and loss of income. They will also take into consideration the other expenses you’ve paid due to the accident, including funeral fees.