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Ghost Immobiliser Review

Consumers are always looking for ways to prevent car thefts as they increase. Ghost immobiliser is an innovative device that is able to do exactly that.

It’s the first aftermarket CAN bus immobiliser that shields your vehicle from hacking, key cloning or keyless entry and even prevents thieves from stealing your vehicle.

No Faraday Bags or Radio Signals

Ghost immobilisers, in contrast to other physical measures to prevent theft, such as steering wheel locks or wheel clamps, are designed to be invisible and hidden. They are integrated into the buttons of your vehicle they protect against key cloning, car hacking, ECU swapping, and even key theft. A ghost immobiliser will prevent the engine from starting until you input a PIN code together with your key fob. This PIN code is up to 20 presses long, and can be modified by the driver through an app or buttons on the vehicle. If you lose your pin, a button fails or you sell your vehicle there’s an emergency pin code that is unique to every device that can be used to reset the system.

Ghost immobilisers come with the benefit of not being detected by devices for diagnostics and do not emit radio frequency signals. This means that thieves cannot use sophisticated scanning technology to detect an immobiliser. They also make use of the CAN data network which requires no wire cutting upon installation and is quieter than other immobilisers.

Ghost immobilisers might not be Thatcham approved but they are TASSA-approved. Certain insurers will offer lower insurance rates to vehicles with an aftermarket immobiliser. However, they are accepted as an additional security layer that can deter thieves.

Autowatch Ghost is unlike factory-fitted immobilisers because it can be used with a range of vehicles such as vans and ghost immobiliser review motorhomes. It also works with electric cars or ride-on lawnmowers, as well as even motorhomes. This means it is far more adaptable than other anti-theft technologies and can be used in conjunction with vehicle trackers to provide the most comprehensive car security package.

MotorGuard can provide more details on the brand new Ghost immobiliser made by Autowatch. We are Midlands the most reputable car security experts and installers and can provide a professional and friendly service to assist you in securing your pride and joy. We also provide a no-cost quote on all our products and services and can help you choose the best system for your vehicle.

No Key Fobs or LED Signs

In contrast to a wheel lock or other physical anti-theft devices ghost immobiliser is integrated into your vehicle’s wiring which means it can’t be removed or bypassed. Moreover, because it does not utilize LED indications or key-fobs it is far more difficult to find and hack than a standard factory-installed immobiliser.

The device is connected up to your vehicles CAN (Control Area Network) system and enabling an individual PIN code push sequence that you decide on – which can be up to 20 digits long – that must be entered prior to when your Range Rover or Land Rover J will begin. This is like the way you enter a pin code into your bank card to secure it. It is not affected by cloning or ECU swapping that would normally disable your factory immobiliser.

Since it is based on your vehicle’s existing buttons it is weatherproof and extremely small which makes it virtually impossible for thieves to spot. It also communicates with the CAN data bus, which means that it operates silently, again making it difficult to identify. This makes it a fantastic addition to your security system and is particularly useful since it can be used in conjunction with other Autowatch technologies, for instance the Ghost Bluetooth tag. The tag allows you to start your car without having to enter your PIN code or the Ghost app.

Another benefit of the ghost immobiliser is that it will not leave visible marks on the interior of your vehicle which could be an issue with some other aftermarket security products. This is particularly attractive for those who want to keep their pride and joy as authentic as they can to sell.

The Autowatch ghost immobiliser is an TASSA approved product and may reduce your insurance costs because it reduces the chance of your vehicle being stolen. MotorGuard is the Midlands’ most trusted specialist in vehicle security and installer. Our trained installers are ready to fit this discreet and reliable security system for your car’s security. You can contact us now to discuss your needs or book an appointment with our workshop in Coventry.

Simple PIN Code Change Process

Ghost immobilisers unlike key fobs that utilize a code to unlock the ECU of your vehicle and start it, communicate with the ECU through the CAN data network. This makes them unrecognisable by diagnostic tools, quiet and unhackable. These systems can be fitted to a variety of vehicles, including trucks and motorhomes and plant machinery.

Our Autowatch Ghost system was developed to protect you completely from theft. It works to prevent your vehicle from starting until you have either the unique PIN or Ghost Immobiliser Review the smartphone application that has the ghost app installed on it. This is a incredibly high-security level that will help to protect your vehicle from key cloning, hacking and ECU swapping.

The reason it’s so secure is that there is no need to add extra components like key fobs LED indicators, key fobs, or remotes. The device uses the buttons on your door panels and steering wheel instead to generate the sequence that is changed before your car starts. It can be as long as 20 actions long and functions similarly to a PIN number on your credit card.

The device is completely hidden, so that thieves cannot find it. Furthermore, it doesn’t make use of radio signals and operates on the CAN data network, making it completely undetectable to thieves using RF scanners.

Many car thieves will attempt to remove the chip from the CAN or replace it in the ECU to avoid detection. However, this method is only possible for professionals with the appropriate tools. This is why the ghost immobiliser is effective and can be used to protect your car from various kinds of vehicle thefts.

In addition, it can be linked to an iPhone that you will require if are planning to start the engine while your car is parked at home or work. The app will detect the phone and allow you to drive without needing a PIN. This feature is available on any model of the Autowatch Ghost and can be connected to as many smartphones as you’d like.

Service Mode

The Autowatch Ghost 2 immobiliser is a quiet and discreet device that safeguards your vehicle unlike any other. It is impossible to start the vehicle without your PIN code or app authorisation. It stops signal jamming, device spoofing and key cloning which are commonly used techniques to bypass the standard immobilisers.

The Ghost is a hidden unit that sits inside the wiring harness that is behind your dashboard. The device connects to the CAN data network of your vehicle and communicates with the engine control units, making it impossible to start your car if you do not follow the proper sequence. The device is weatherproof and small, so it is almost inaccessible to thieves. It can be concealed in a dash panel, underneath the steering wheel, or anyplace else on the vehicle.

Our installation process is fast and hassle-free with the majority of installs taking around two hours. We give a full detailed demonstration of how the ghost immobiliser cost functions and hand over the owner manuals, Installation certification, and the emergency card and make sure that you are satisfied with the product before leaving.

We are a recognised installer for Ghost and are the only company in Ireland that has this accreditation. You can be assured that you will receive a top-quality installation from a professional firm.

The Autowatch Ghost is compatible with many vehicles. It can also be fitted to motorbikes, motorhomes and caravans & ride on lawn mowers. As long as there is an energy source, it can be equipped with an immobiliser.

The Ghost Immobiliser creates a secret disarming sequence (like pin codes) using the buttons on the original key fob of your vehicle. This sequence must be entered before you can start the engine. The driver is able to alter the sequence at any time. It can include up to 20 different actions. This is a much more secure security method than using a key fob by itself, as it means nobody else will be able to drive your vehicle. It also deters thieves from attempting to gain access to your key code or the information transmitted to the vehicle’s ECU from it.