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Bring a Touch of the Park to Your Kids Bedroom With This Tree House Bunk

Bring a touch of the nature into your children’s bedroom with this tree house bunk. This is the ideal space for kids who enjoy sleepovers. They will be thrilled sharing the space with their friends.

Available at RC Willey, this whimsical rustic sand twin loft bed is sure to add an original look to their space while offering hours of fun and embrace Loft bed imaginative play. Mattress and accessories aren’t included.

Product Description

Add a bit of fun to any youth bedroom with this tree house bunk bed. It is made of sturdy pine wood with two rustic finishes that are both fun and playful. It also has an integrated ladder and sturdy guardrails for safety.

This space-saving house bed will soon become the center of your child’s bedroom. The kids will feel like they are sleeping in a fort built by a tree. The fun windows and roofs create a warm look to the room, and will stimulate their imaginations when they climb to the top of the bed at night and gaze out to the stars.

Included included: Mattress, box spring and bedding (comforter sheets, pillows, etc.). Due to variations in monitors the actual colors may vary slightly from the images. Designed and crafted by hand in the USA.

Product Details

Imagine your children climbing into this amazing space for sleepovers or games with their friends. This gorgeous house bunk transforms your bedroom into a unique playhouse that they can claim as their own. The fun roof panels and window panels will spark imaginations. They can add curtains to create a warm home and furniture to make it unique.

This treehouse loft bed features an easy-to-assemble central ladder that has an end panel and roof for the look of a treehouse. The ladder can be placed on either side of the bed and is equipped with safety rails that ensure your safety. The Nor mid-high bed is designed to meet the needs of children for play, sleep and development – it’s built to last and can be reconstructed into a twin or single high bed by adding short legs or into a space-saving full bed by adding long legs.

This kids’ bed is ideal for Embrace Loft Bed sleeping and exploring with, inventing and hiding. It will also encourage imaginative play and will be an area they will be able to remember for their whole life.

This chic house bunk is available in 26 beautiful colors and is manufactured in a traditional Belgian factory. It is easy to style and can be used with any kids room theme and will not just match but will enhance the decor. It is ideal for kids who like to host sleepovers. You’ll save time as you don’t have to put up additional bedding. This bunk is perfect for bedrooms with small spaces since it occupies only one third of the floor space. Mattresses are sold separately.

Product Options

Charlotte treehouse bunk beds are perfect for children who love playing outside. Bring a bit of nature inside with this bed. Ideal for children who are younger with just two steps to get to the top bed, and it offers all the excitement of a treehouse design with windows and a roof panel. For an even more special feature, put up curtains to create a cozy living space within the bunk. This bunk is part of the Lifetime Kids Furniture range and has been made to last and designed to last. It is constructed from Scandinavian pine, with water-based paints and varnishes.

Refresh your child’s bedroom with this stunning treehouse loft bed. It features a charming rustic sand finish that adds distinct character and charm to both bedtime and playtime. With a built-in ladder this unique piece is sure to be a hit with both siblings and friends visiting.

This twin treehouse bunk bed is complete with two Twin beds, a ladder and wood guardrails, a underbed drawer for trundle, and mattress slat supports. Separately, a bookcase cabinet can be purchased. The Nor mid-high bed fronts are available with either a white frame made of solid oak or top and bottom beams made of pine. They can be removed easily so that you can re-build your Nor bed as your child grows.

Product Warranty

The Charlotte Treehouse Bunk Bed will bring adventure and fun to your child’s bedroom. It features a Embrace Loft Bed-style mattress that looks as if it is hanging from the branches. It comes with two twin beds for your kids and an incline that allows children to climb up and down. It’s decorated with a dark grey, and has a cottage style that creates a warm appearance.

Our Limited Warranty covers any manufacturing defect that may be found in the materials or workmanship of this product. This warranty extends to the original purchaser only. The purchaser must provide proof of purchase in order to submit claims. This proof of purchase must include the date of purchase along with the original receipt or a photocopy along with a label with the model number of the product and the law label which are required to confirm the Limited Warranty.

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All transportation costs are the responsibility of the buyer. This limited warranty is not transferable and has a one (1) year limited warranty beginning with the date of original purchase.

The bed was constructed of top quality pine imported from New Zealand. It is completed with water-based varnish and paint. The finish is durable and resistant to scratches. It comes with an incredibly sturdy ladder that can hold up to 300 pounds. It can be customized to fit any bedroom for kids and could include curtains to create a cozy cabin underneath the bed. It’s a great option for kids who like to spend time with their friends and also have sleepovers. You can also add a bookshelf cabinet (sold separately). This treehouse loft bed is a great option for a bedroom with a child.