Guide To Slimline Side By Side Fridge Freezer: The Intermediate Guide In Slimline Side By Side Fridge Freezer

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Undercounter Fridge Freezer Side by Side For Busy Commercial Kitchens

Dual temperature undercounter fridge freezer Slimline Side By Side Fridge Freezer by side provide an ideal solution for busy commercial kitchens. There are a variety of designs available such as frame glass, stainless-steel swing doors and panels-ready models.

These refrigerators under counter can be placed under counters or between cabinets to keep food, beverages or meal prep ingredients readily available. Check the size requirements for countertop clearance, especially when the refrigerator what is the best side by side fridge front or side-breathing.


Side by side refrigerators with undercounter freezer models can provide a lot of space in a compact space. They can be used to store a large variety of ready-to-cook food items. Many dual-temp units include freezer compartments to store foods that must stay cold. They are great for kitchens with a lot of traffic or with limited space.

The dimensions of your kitchen and its location will determine the model you need. For instance, if entertain guests in the bar in your home, having a dual-zone wine cooler may be the ideal solution. A refrigerator drawer under the counter might be the best option for big families that require more food storage.

Remember that ventilation requirements could limit the size of refrigerators that are undercounter. They should be placed at least 6 inches away from the back of your counter or other cabinet in order to permit adequate air flow. Some units have vents on the sides or back that can’t be placed against a brick wall. Others have front-breathing vents and have fewer restrictions.

Certain models are designed to fit flush under a counter with a sleek appearance that resembles a 24- inch base cabinet. This gives you a fully integrated appearance and the option of adding custom drawer handles or handles to complement your decor. These cabinets are ADA compliant, and most have panel-ready designs that allow you to customize the door opening to meet your needs.


Aside from offering a high-end look that complements any kitchen, undercounter refrigerators freezer side by side refrigerators offer the convenience of a simple access and storage. They are especially beneficial in small side by side refrigerator kitchens, as they can be used to store extra food. They can also be used as a second refrigerator in outdoor grilling areas and slimline side by side fridge freezer other areas. These dual temperature fridges are able to be put in bars, garages cellars, basements, and garages to store condiments, drinks and platters for parties.

These compact refrigerators are available in various sizes, so you can pick the best one for your office or home. Some models even come with water dispensers and ice machines for additional convenience.

While the sleek design of a side-byside refrigerator could be a great option for those looking to make space, it can limit the amount of refrigerated capacity you can use. The freezer side is shorter than the fridge. So the larger packages, trays, or leftovers, they’ll not fit. This could be a problem for some who are contemplating using these fridges as a primary refrigerator for the kitchen or for those who live in smaller apartments and homes. If this is a problem for you, consider an alternative fridge freezer under counter.

Energy efficiency

French-door models are often more expensive than side-by-side models. They are also more energy efficient than top-and-bottom freezer refrigerators, and a few are Energy STAR certified. Find refrigerators with an “kWh rating” on the energy label. This will tell you how much electricity they consume every year.

Generally side-by-side refrigerators have storage options like adjustable shelves and door bins that give you a variety of storage options. Some refrigerators also come with butter or deli drawers and a couple of produce drawers. Many have a dual icemaker that can produce both crushed and cubed ice. Some have advanced ice maker features, such as slow-melting ice spheres that can be added to drinks that would otherwise become more watered-down with traditional cubes.

There are side-by-side refrigerators with a wide range of door designs and finishes, including stainless steel, black and slimline side by side fridge freezer white. The sleekest models are fingerprint- and smudge resistant making them easy to clean.

Consider the amount of food you keep in each compartment of your fridge, the kind of food you buy, and the frequency at which you open the door when you are looking for a side-by-side refrigerator freezer. This will help you pick the most suitable option for your family. Quincy Bulin, a writer who covers products and home has contributed to this article by studying refrigerators based on size capacity, price color/finish, certifications and many more factors.


These commercial refrigerator-freezer combos are popular because they can be positioned beneath counters that already exist. They are a great option for companies that don’t have room to install upright refrigerators or freezers however still require storage space for the ingredients that are ready to cook or prep. They are typically available in two or three-section models, with each section having an individual refrigerated and frozen compartment.

The front doors on these units could be either stainless steel or glass giving them the look like a normal refrigerator. Some are panel-ready, meaning they can accept doors that are custom-designed to complement the design of other cabinets in the kitchen. Drawers are another option, with some featuring drawers that provide frozen and fresh storage, and others offering just one drawer of each kind.

If you plan to use your counter fridge freezer side by side as a kitchen prep surface, make sure it is suitable for this purpose. You could end with a surface that has been damaged, scratched or may be a home for bacteria.

Other options for refrigerator or freezer storage in commercial kitchens include walk-in refrigerators, reach-in freezers, merchandising refrigerators, freezers and worktop refrigerators as well as freezers. Burkett offers a variety sizes for these refrigeration units, ensuring that you can find the ideal solution for your business or restaurant.