How Lengthy To Smoke A 2 Pound Brisket (& Simple Recipe)

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Since a brisket overcooks once the inner temp exceeds 203 degrees, technically it’s best to smoke your 2-pound brisket at this decrease 200-diploma temperature. It’s price noting that since you’re solely cooking only a 2-pound cut of meat, you won’t be dropping plenty of time total by opening a smoker’s door typically. So, it’s finest to take the brisket out when its inner temperature is within the 190-195 diploma vary. Take your brisket out of the fridge an hour before putting in the smoker to allow it to come back up to room temperature.

A 2-pound brisket solely takes around 2 hours within the smoker. What’s the very best Way to Cook Brisket? Now that you’ve your estimated cook time (see above), start checking the brisket’s temperature together with your thermometer about 3/four of the way in which into the process. 200-diploma cook temp is good for a small brisket. The other section of the brisket is called the “flat” because of its shape. There’s a fat layer about 1 inch thick referred to as the fats cap, so trim it right down to a few quarter of an inch.

In case your small brisket has a tricky filmy layer recognized because the silver skin, trim that off too. You need that layer of fat on the sides of the brisket to tenderize these tough fibers of the connective tissue. A good quantity of excess fat is crucial to your brisket having that signature juicy, tender taste. That’s proper, the juicy brisket that scores of individuals wait hours in line to style in Texas. At 200 degrees, brisket cooks round 2 to 2 1/4 hours per pound.

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