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How to Tell If a michael kors bag small Kors Handbag is Authentic

michael kors bags uk Kors bags are as popular as Louis Vuitton. Women and celebrities alike are awestruck by their bags to add a touch of class to their outfits.

There’s a bag for every outfit regardless of whether you’re wearing jeans with a t-shirt or a tailored suit. Check out our Michael Kors handbags for sale to find a new accessory.


The brand is in close contact with legal representatives and customs authorities across the globe to stop counterfeiters. They also work with retailers like Nordstrom Rack and Saks Off 5TH to keep track of the sales of counterfeit Michael Kors bags. To determine if a Michael Kors bag is authentic it is important to look at the details and features of the bag. The most important things to look for include the fabric and the branding as well as examining the manufacturing tag. The latter will typically display a 12-digit code that provides important information like the serial number the color, style number, and the location of manufacture. If the tag doesn’t show this code, then it’s likely to be a fake.

Another way to determine whether a bag authentic is to look at the work. Michael Kors bags are authentic when they have sharp, unmistakable metalwork edges. Fakes, on the contrary hand have puffy edges. The same applies to the zippers and hardware used to attach the straps to the body of the bag. Genuine Michael Kors purses use brass finishes on their zippers as well as a long zipper pull that features an expanded logo on one side. The counterfeit bags typically have handles that are rounded and without stamping. This indicates less quality and attention to detail.

Finally, check the lining of the bag to confirm the authenticity of the bag. The lining of genuine Michael Kors bags is made of high-quality fabrics that are generally a solid color. The material is extremely durable and gleams in dim lighting. Fake linings, on the other hand, are made of cheap fabrics that can easily be damaged.

If you know what to look out for, it’s simple to authenticate a Michael Kors bag. Many online companies specializing in designer products offer authentication services. These companies are staffed with seasoned luxury authenticationists and resellers. You can be assured in the service that you receive. For The Love Of Luxury is among the top companies that offers an authentication service with results within 24 hours. The service costs $20 and is a reasonable price to pay for peace of mind.


Michael Kors is an American luxury brand established in 1981. The brand produces ready-to wear, swimwear and accessories for men and women. Michael Kors is well-known for its high-end and elegant designs. The brand’s products are loved by a wide range of people including famous and political figures. The company has also won many awards, including the CFDA Womenswear Designer of the Award in 1999 and 2003. The brand has a variety of stores across the globe and its bags have become highly sought-after by fashion lovers.

The designer gained acclaim because of his mastery of simplicity and elegance. Jet set-inspired designs on his namesake label and soft leathers give an elegant New York aesthetic. The diffusion line offers a more laid-back version of the iconic style, featuring bags like the ‘JetSet Travel’ tote bag, which is adorned with a gold-tone logo medallion. The ‘Rhea’ backpack and “Ciara” cross-body bags are also elegant styles that exude the relaxed Manhattan elegantness.

In contrast to the ultra-luxury brands of Chanel and Louis Vuitton, Michael Kors is seen as a mainstream luxury brand. This means that the designer’s high couture collection is more affordable. However, the brand’s popularity as well as affordability doesn’t come at the cost of its credibility. Kors has been a rising star in the fashion industry, winning multiple awards and attracting the attention of celebrities such as Angelina Jolie or Kate Middleton. The designer was a judge on the reality show that is a hit Project Runway.

The collection of designer handbags is extensive, however many customers are looking for more than a basic tote. The brand has a wide selection of fashionable bags, including shoulder bags, crossbody bags, and clutches with bright and neutral shades. A tote bag will be a perfect complement to your outfits for day and night, while the clutch is a great accessory to wear with a t-shirt and jeans.

Michael Kors purses on sale are a great option for you to upgrade your wardrobe and not break the budget. In fact it’s true that the Michael Kors purse can be similar to the Coach or Kate Spade bag. However, it’s important to be aware that the quality of the bag is dependent on the materials used as well as the hardware. Purchasing a Michael Kors purse on sale that is made from faux leather or has cheap metal hardware can be a waste of money.


Genuine Michael Kors handbags are made from high-quality materials that ensure they are durable. The saffiano leather of the brand is a good example. It has an attractive cross-hatch pattern that resists water and scratches. Authentic MK bags also feature a sturdier rubber edging and a weightier feel. The zipper of a bag is another method to determine whether it’s genuine. Authentic MK zip pulls are typically metallic in color and feature the MK logo. Fake zipper pulls are often made of plastic and michael kors pink handbags are not compatible with the purse’s lining.

The most crucial factor in determining the quality of a handbag is the material. The majority of Michael Kors bags are made of saffiano leather which is the trademark material used by the brand. This leather is sturdy, strong and has a unique shine due to the crisscross design. Fake bags are usually made of pleather.

Whether you’re searching for a new beach-ready tote or a chic leather backpack, there’s a Michael Kors sale bag that will fit your style. These stylish bags are perfect for everyday use and are on sale for a limited time. Plus, many of the models come with free monogramming.

If you’re looking for an iconic Michael Kors bag, check out the Marilyn Medium Logo Tote Bag. The bag features an iconic MK logo panel in tan and white leather panels at each side. It’s ideal for just click the following post busy working days or a casual weekend getaway. It has an interior slip pocket as well as a zipper pocket to organize your essentials.

Another tip to remember is that authentic MK bag will bear an oval emblem with the brand name engraved in it. The lettering should be legible and evenly spaced. The MK logo is blurry and uneven on counterfeit purses.

A designer bag should also have a tag made of metal that contains the serial number. Generally, these tags are hidden within the flap of the bag but they can also be found on the inside of the purse. In any case, it’s important to look for a metal tag with a clean, smooth finish and no cracks or chips.


Michael Kors handbags will make you look stylish and chic, without spending an arm and a leg. The designer label offers bags that can be worn with any outfit, from classic leather bags to casual crossbody nylon bags. Michael Kors handbags are priced in accordance with their size and style, as well as the material used and design. Nylon bags are the least expensive, while leather designs can be as high as $500.

Michael Kors, founded in 1981, has become a fashion icon for New Yorkers who are sophisticated. From his uptown Jet Set collection to his casual downtown diffusion line, Michael Kors has earned a cult following for his stylish and casual style. The brand’s signature accessories exude urban glamour and the collection of Michael Kors handbags reflect this style.

Michael Kors’ most popular bag is the tote. It has a spacious interior and a spacious style. The Michael Kors Mercer Tote for example, has soft exterior and a spacious center pocket, making it an ideal bag for everyday use. The bag comes in a variety of colors, such as orange spice and moss-multi.

Michael Kors’ other bags are made of coated canvas and decorated with the MK logo. They also have leather bottom. The adjustable chain and leather strap make it easy to use as a crossbody or shoulder bag. This versatile bag comes in heather grey denim blue, orange spice. It is monogrammed at extra cost.

Alternatively, you can choose from the variety of second-hand Michael Kors purses for sale. These bags offer the same high-end materials and sturdy construction as the new models, but at a much more affordable price tag. The only issue is that the manufacturer’s warranty may not cover the used handbags.

Aside from the price an old Michael Kors purse is a excellent way to add a splash of color to your outfit. They can be combined with a purse or shoes to create a cohesive look, or combine them with other second-hand pieces for a more eclectic and unique look. A designer bag that is second-hand is just as chic and functional as the original.