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Birth Defect Litigation

Parents who discover that their child is born with a defect may be entrusted with costly procedures and demands that they should not be forced to endure. At LK, our Pittsburgh birth defect lawyers are dedicated to helping families seek justice for their children.

We are aware that exposure to toxic substances or prescription drugs as well as medical negligence can lead to some of these ailments. Contact us now to receive a free consultation from an New York birth defects lawyer.

Medical Malpractice

Birth defects can be devastating for families, regardless of regardless of whether they’re caused by negligence or genetic. If birth injuries or defects was preventable, parents of children who have suffered injuries should speak with a birth defect lawyer to determine whether there is an action against the responsible medical professionals.

Everyone assumes that doctors and nurses know how to treat illnesses, handle emergencies and take care of illnesses. But they are human and can make mistakes, with devastating consequences. When the mistakes are connected to birth defect attorneys and pregnancy they can lead to congenital disabilities that significantly change the child’s life.

Birth defects that are caused by medical negligence typically result from the inability to diagnose the condition or illness that could have been cured and treated. These cases are often caused by drugs and treatments taken by the mother during pregnancy as well as in the weeks and months prior to delivery.

Environmental factors can also cause birth defects. They could be caused by chemical or environmental exposure as well as the use of certain drugs or medications, and the consumption of food products that are not of high quality or have been contaminated. A lot of birth defect lawsuits are founded on these issues. They are filed against pharmaceutical companies, birth defect lawyers hospitals and doctors. These cases are based upon the principle that manufacturers, pharmacists and doctors have a duty to warn pregnant women about the risks associated with specific drugs and medications they are taking.

Prescription Drugs

A lawsuit can be filed if the birth defect of a child can be traced back to the medication that a mother took during pregnancy. Although most birth defects are inherited, they may also be the result of inadequate prenatal treatment or exposure to harmful chemicals.

A lawyer can help determine which medical expenses are admissible for reimbursement, which includes hospital procedures, doctor’s appointments rehabilitation services, as well as assistive devices. Parents could also be entitled to damages in the event that the birth defect is severe.

Pregnancy is a challenging time and there are a lot of things that can go wrong. Certain of these events can be prevented. Some birth defects are a result of a doctor prescribing a drug that increased the risk of the baby having a birth defect or a mistake during birth. If you suspect your child’s birth problems are due to medical negligence, contact an attorney as soon as you can.

Teratogens are prescription drugs that can be dangerous that can cause birth defects to newborns or fetuses. If your child has an anomaly in their birth that you think is due to exposure to prescription drugs, contact a Boston dangerous drug lawyer as soon as you can. A legal team that has experience can assist you in determining the possible liable parties and offer you compensation.

Drug Manufacturers

It’s possible to sue a manufacturer of drugs in the event that a pregnant or unborn child suffers from birth defects that affect the body’s functions and appearance. Drug makers are required to test their products properly and inform pregnant women about the dangers. The drug Zofran was advertised for pregnant women, even though the manufacturer was aware that it could result in a severe birth defects. In these instances drug companies are held accountable under strict laws on product liability.

You should consult an experienced attorney immediately If you suspect that the birth defect of your child was caused by medical negligence during the pregnancy or during delivery. If a parent is hesitant in taking legal action, they may be ineligible to file an action since the statute of limitations has run out.

Birth defects can be caused by genetics, environmental factors and certain medications pregnant mothers take during pregnancy. Fortunately, many of these factors can be avoided. In certain instances the birth defect can drastically alter a child’s life span and it is crucial that parents are aware of their legal options. Contact a Boston injury lawyer now if you have any questions about a lawsuit involving a birth defect. You can also submit a the form below to request an attorney to contact you about your case.


Birth defects can be caused by a variety of factors. Some are genetic in nature, but some are environmental, like a mother’s exposure to prescription and non-prescription drugs (teratogens) as well as chemicals in beauty salons, paint factories, metal cleaning operations, as well as the agriculture industry. In some cases, birth defects result in disabilities and require a lifetime of expensive medical treatment and other expenses.

Although modern technology has greatly reduced the risk of certain medical procedures, medical negligence can still happen. If your child sustained an injury at birth as a result of negligence by a doctor prior to or during labor and birth You may be entitled to claim damages.

If your child has a mental illness that is severe enough to keep him or her away from a regular job and is eligible for benefits from the government for disability. However, it is essential to speak with a top lawyer about your situation and the various options for obtaining the maximum possible settlement.

Your family could be entitled to compensation in addition to medical expenses and loss of income due to suffering and pain. This could include punitive damages as well as other damages related to the birth defect or injury. Our lawyers are aware of the difficulty of these cases, and are determined to pursue justice for your family. Please contact our office for a free consultation.