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How to Choose a Freestanding Freezer

Freestanding freezers can be used to store food items purchased from the supermarket and home-made sauces for later. Before buying one, make sure that it can physically fit into your space when replacing an integrated fridge freezer; this could mean installing a bridge cabinet if the freestanding model is smaller than the cabinetry around it.

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Freezers can be set to forget appliances, but they do have certain features that make them more user-friendly. They also aid in helping you keep frozen food items in good condition. Look for an indicator light that indicates when the freezer is shut, a thermometer and adjustable wheels or feet to level the freezer when it is set on uneven flooring.

The variety of storage options is another important factor, particularly if you freeze small items like packaged meals and fruits. Upright freezers usually come with organizational baskets, drawers, shelves or racks to store smaller food items as well as other items. This lets you store a variety of items in one location, instead of stacking them up and not being able to see what’s inside.

Chest freezers are larger than upright freezers. They’re ideal for large families or hunting or anyone who requires the space to store food in large quantities or for storage in the long term. They also keep their temperatures at a low level and use the least amount of energy. Certain models are built to withstand extreme cold, so they’re great for garages or other areas of the house where there are temperature fluctuations.

Think about the ENERGY STAR Most Efficient Freezer if your goal is to reduce your energy costs even more. This type of freezer is 10 percent more efficient than standard models and will reduce your energy consumption by up to 441 kWh per year.

In addition to helping you save money on energy costs Additionally, an ENERGY STAR freezer is covered by a five-year limited warranty and meets rigorous environmental standards. It’s also a good choice for an RV, as it can be used in cold weather and connected to the generator.

If you are planning to install your new freezer in your existing kitchen, you should see if it’s built-in or freestanding. The fridges that are integrated are more expensive than freestanding models due to the fact that they require a tall end panels and the bridging cabinet to install. Some models can be tacked tightly to the cabinets on the opposite side which makes them appear to be integrated and blend into the design more easily.


Freestanding commercial freezers are an ideal option for those who have already built their kitchen and want to add more storage space. It can also be put in in a basement rec room or garage. If you opt for a stainless steel model that has sidewalls, the appliance will be coated in the same color as the front door, so it will look neat and sleek regardless of where you put it.

The main difference between an integrated fridge freezer and a freestanding one is that a freestanding does not require the use of an enclosure cabinet, and can stand on its own. This means that it’s generally less expensive than a fully integrated model. If you need to create an exterior surround (as if you were replacing an integrated model) it’s likely that the cost will increase. You might require a tall end panel and a bridging cupboard.

It is possible to use an upright freezer to store smaller items you need to have easy access to. These models are often equipped with shelves, drawers racks, doors, and shelves compartments which help to keep everything in order. This allows you to quickly find what you’re searching for without having to sort through piles of food.

There are models that have efficient LED lighting that helps you find what you’re seeking in the dark. If you like keeping things organised but aren’t too worried about bending over then consider the option of a chest freezer. These models offer more floor space and usually have larger capacities than upright options however they may not be as readily accessible.

If you’re looking to buy an upright chest, upright or French door freezer the Siemens range of fridges that are standalone freezers has something to suit your preferences and design. Each model has a chic design and the most recent cooling technology such as noFrost and freezers hyperFresh, which keeps your food fresher longer. With Home Connect, you can control Siemens’ freezers from anywhere with your tablet or smartphone. So, you’ll never need to worry about your chilled drinks or food going bad again.

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficient freezers have a lower impact on the environment over their lifetime than models that aren’t efficient. They also use less electricity than their older counterparts, so they’ll save you money on your electric bill. Find energy STAR certified freezers, which meet the energy consumption guidelines set by the EPA and Department of Energy. These freezers usually have higher insulation and temperature control which means they can are able to preserve food more efficiently.

In addition to choosing a freezer that consumes most electricity and energy, you can also lower your energy consumption by making some lifestyle changes. Let food cool to room temperature, or place it in the refrigerator prior to placing it in your freezer. The appliance will consume more electricity to freeze warm food because it has to work harder to do so. And keep the freezer’s condenser coils clean, as the buildup of dust can lower a freezer’s efficiency by as much as 25%.

Check the label of the freezer to see its energy efficiency rating. Compare it with similar models to yours. The ENERGY STAR rating will inform you how much a freezer uses in kilowatts every month on average.

The majority of modern freezers are more energy efficient than models from only a decade ago, and you’ll probably see a savings in your electric bill when you upgrade. But the best way to get the most bang for your money is to search for an ENERGY STAR certified freezer. It will use up to 40% less power than an ordinary model and will save you money over the long haul.

There are a variety of energy-efficient refrigerators in brick-and mortar stores such as Walmart and Best Buy. Online retailers like Amazon and eBay also offer these appliances. Local utility firms offer incentives and rebates to encourage the purchase of these appliances. To find a freezer with ENERGY STAR certification, go to the EPA’s Energy Star website and look for the ENERGY STAR logo or search for a specific brand name. Check out our guide on how to select the ideal freezer for your needs and budget to find the perfect model.

The Right to Rent

Freestanding freezers are a useful appliance for many households. You can save money by stocking up on specials at the grocery store or storing surplus harvests in your garden. You can also prepare ahead and keep fresh food in the fridge all the time with the freezer. Consider purchasing a warranty to safeguard your investment in your freezer and avoid the stress that comes with having to pay for repairs in the event that your appliance malfunctions. The extended warranty for your freezer from Upsie protects your freezer from malfunctions and repairs without a deductible.

Can I use a freestanding refrigerator-freezer as an integrated model?

No, you can’t fit a freestanding fridge freezer into your kitchen cabinets the same way as an integrated model. They do not have finished fronts like integrated models. They are also not designed to fit behind or on the front of a kitchen cabinet door (which could cause the handles to not align). You can put a bridging cabinet above a freestanding fridge freezer to achieve this look if the cupboards beneath it aren’t too close, but this may require cutting through and removing some of the plinth underneath and leaving cut (exposed) edges that could be damaged if wet.

Freestanding freezers can be positioned anywhere in the kitchen. You can even move them when you need to arrange your home or move your appliances. The freedom to place your freezer anywhere you want is a fantastic option for people who have to move frequently due to their job. They can bring it with them and not have to worry about finding an installer to install it at their new residence.

Freestanding freezers are also an excellent option for those who like the sleeker, modern lines of a stainless steel fridge-freezer. These models have sleek, modern design that a lot of people love. They don’t appear bulky or bulky, and will make a stylish addition to any kitchen design.