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How to Repair Double Glazed Windows

Typically double glazing comes with a guarantee of either 10 or 20 years. So, if your double glazed windows are showing signs of ageing you could be eligible to have them fixed under warranty.

Double glazed window repair involves re-sealing your existing glass unit. Misting is a clear sign that the seal is broken and you will need to have it fixed.

Glass damaged

A seal that is airtight is crucial for double pane windows to work properly. The condensation between the glass plates is a typical indication of a failing seal. While condensation between glass is not an issue that needs to be fixed, it’s typically an indication that the glass unit needs to be replaced. If you have an older double-glazed window, this could mean replacing both the frame and the glass. If your frame is in good condition however, you could typically save money by replacing only the glass.

Double-paned windows can crack due to the fragility of glass. If the cracks weren’t caused by mechanical damage, or an unusual impact on the window doctor near me they can be fixed by using epoxy and elbow grease. Begin by cleaning over the crack using a moist cotton rag and then apply epoxy to the crack, following the instructions of the manufacturer. Allow the epoxy to fully dry before sanding down and painting over the repaired area.

It’s also possible to prevent cracks from spreading by using a simple strip of masking tape. A single strip of tape on both sides of the crack area is enough to keep superficial cracks, like stress cracks caused by low temperatures, from getting worse. However, if you’re dealing with deeper cracks that have already formed in your glass, it could be best to call a professional to ensure the security of the repair.

It’s risky and difficult to replace a single pane within a double-paned window doctor near me. Double-pane windows are manufactured as a complete unit, and sealed in the factory with inert gas, so it is impossible to remove the glass without causing damage to the entire window. If you are planning to replace the glass in your double-paned windows select a brand that has an extensive warranty.

You can also apply newspaper to protect the window frame prior to deciding to remove the sash or replace any broken glass. This will help protect your from any sharp shards that might fall during the process and also help to protect the trim of your home or molding.

Condensation Build-Up

It’s good to know that condensation in the windowspanes is normal. It’s caused by a difference between the temperature of air and humidity levels, which causes water vapour in the air to condense upon contact with cold, hard surfaces like windows. This is generally a good thing during winter, since it helps prevent the loss of heat.

However, if you’re finding that your windows appear cloudy with a film of moisture on them, it’s time to hire an experienced glazier. This indicates that the seal between the two panes is beginning to weaken and allows moisture to enter the window.

You can stop this by making use of a dehumidifier, increasing ventilation or applying a de-icing agent. Additionally, there are specialists who can solve condensation issues in double glazed windows by drilling holes in the window unit and injecting or pumping special desiccant in order to eliminate the excess moisture. This requires taking the sealed unit out of the frame and cleaning every glass pane before refilling the desiccant. This is typically more expensive, Window Doctor Near Me however it’s worth checking that any company you select is insured and is registered with FENSA.

It is crucial to remember that altering your double glazed windows is not advised and will cause the windows to be damaged and invalidate any warranties. If you have a warranty on your windows, it’s recommended to let the company know of any issues that arise, as it will be accountable for the replacement of units covered that are covered under warranty. Also, any damage caused through tampering will likely not be covered by your guarantee either so it is recommended to seek expert advice before trying any DIY repairs. This is especially applicable to older units, since they’re often more likely than modern ones to fail. If this happens, it’s better to replace the entire glazing panel. The result will be brand new windows that will last for many years.


It is not uncommon for double-glazed windows to be impacted by scratches on their surfaces. This can be a result of environmental factors or even caused by the way in which the window was originally installed.

Many of these scratches are not that severe and can be repaired with a few simple solutions. If your windows have been scratched to the extent where you can feel them with your fingernail it is best to consult a professional to ensure that the glass is restored to its original condition.

Superficial scratches are caused by objects scraping against the glass surfaces of your windows such as pet claws, tree branches and abrasive materials utilized when cleaning. These scratches are usually removed by using non-abrasive products like iron oxide or polishes made of cerium dioxide. You’ll need to use these until the scratch disappears.

Scratches can also be caused by sanding the wood trim on your windows and may occur during construction work. These scratches can be difficult to repair. However, a mixture of baking soda and water will help smooth out the buffed surface and remove any remaining scratch.

For deeper scratches you can apply a metal polish to smooth the area and eliminate scratches. Add a small amount of the product to a cotton ball or clean microfibre cloth and gently rub the affected area in an upward motion. Be cautious not to apply too much pressure as this could cause damage to the glass. After the glass has been smoothed, apply a moist cloth to remove any polish residue.

Consider purchasing a non-abrasive special glass polish if there is a an incredibly deep scratch that you cannot get rid of. You can buy this at any DIY store. Follow the directions on the packaging. Alternately, you can apply nail polish to smooth the area and cover any small scratches that your window glass may have. Make sure the nail polish is clear and only applied to the scuffed area of your window.


The presence of haze within your double-paned window indicates that the seal between the two panes is damaged. It is essential to get the issue fixed quickly to ensure that you don’t end having dirt and moisture build-up between the panes. This could cause damage to the glass and reduce its transparency.

There are a variety of options to remove the haze that has formed on your double paned windows. One option is to apply an anti-fogging spray. However, this is only an interim solution. If you’re looking for a permanent solution, contact a professional glazing company that can repair the problem and replace the gaskets if necessary.

A carbide-tipped tool can be used to make tiny holes in the frame of the window to eliminate haze. You can then insert the desiccate packet inside these holes and then wash the window with rubbing alcohol. The water will help clear the haze from the window and clean it.

To prevent fogging, it is essential to keep your windows clean and maintained by cleaning them frequently. This will keep the double panes clear and let you enjoy a beautiful view of your home or garden. In addition, ensuring that your home is well ventilated will also be beneficial. This will ensure that any condensation is quickly removed, and not letting it sit and reseal the window.

It is not enough to clean and maintain your windows frequently and make sure that they are installed correctly. The installation of your windows must be carried out by an experienced glazing company. This will ensure that the gaskets are installed correctly and that there is an exact fit. It’s a good idea repair your windows as soon as you can before they start showing signs of wearing out. This will help to avoid expensive double pane window repairs.

In general, double-glazed windows that have insulation are designed to last approximately 20 years. They are designed to stand up to various weather conditions, including very cold temperatures, heat and humidity, as well as repeated openings and closings. But, it is crucial to keep in mind that the life span of double-glazed windows may be reduced by improper installation or faulty materials.