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Examples of Online Products

A digital product is a physical item that you sell online. These include e-books, video games, software, and many more. Digital products are typically distributed instantly over the internet, unlike physical products which require transportation and handling.

Other examples of online products include online courses, webinars and virtual workshops. Web-based applications like project management software and site monitoring services are also very popular.


E-books are an essential part of the B2B strategy for content marketing however, they must be designed with care to keep readers entertained and encourage them to interact with the company further. These digital assets can be used to generate leads online and build brand authority within an industry. They can give businesses an advantage by providing information on new trends and metrics. They can also share stories based on a company’s personal experiences or share customer stories. They can also establish the B2B brand as an expert in their area by providing thought leadership.

Successful ebooks employ a variety of strategies to draw attention of their readers and inspire them to become more. Austin Kleon’s ‘Steal like an Artist and Christine Kloser ‘The Freedom Formula both feature clean layouts, eye-catching visual hierarchy, and harmonious typography. Their simple but elegant designs create a pleasant reading experience, and they are easy to navigate.

Other books are focused on a specific subject and feature simple, yet engaging writing. For instance Zendesk’s The Sales Handbook uses illustrations to demonstrate their expertise in the area without overly educating the reader. This makes the book more personalized and a great approach to reach out visually impaired learners. Vend’s book Social Media for Beginners is another good example. It takes a simple, clear approach to explain complex subjects.

Ceros’ Guide to Interactive Marketing demonstrates how an ebook can be visually appealing and entertaining. The book is distinct from other ebooks because of its artistic style as well as its blue brand color, and a the playful tone. The book is interactive, since it features animations that appear on the page as you scroll.

Audio files

In the world of online, where visual aesthetics and user experience are at the lead, audio quality can often be overlooked. It is important for Examples of online products both the artists and their followers to focus on high-quality audio since it enhances listening experience and preserves musical nuances.

Artists can offer their work to clients as digital audio files, which they can download and play on their smartphones or computers. These include music tracks, podcasts and interviews. These formats can be uploaded to streaming services as well as e-commerce platforms.

Audio files can be extremely effective when paired with a preview image. If an artist is selling a song for example you can upload a video of them performing the track so that customers have an idea of what they are getting.

An MP3 file is an audio format that is used by streaming sites like Spotify and Apple Music, as well as game consoles such as Xbox and PlayStation. It is smaller than WAV and AAC files, and provides high quality audio with smaller bitrate. However, it suffers from a slight loss of audio data due to compression.

AAC files, also known as advanced audio coding, are a popular file format for podcasts and music. It makes use of lossy compression to save storage and data while preserving the highest quality of sound. It is supported by a variety of platforms such as iTunes, Android and OGG.

Audio digital products are an excellent method for influencers, researchers and wellbeing, meditation and spiritualists to reach a wide audience. For example, the Clear Speech Tongue Twister exercise by Lady Tina Social School is an audio file that assists users improve their mumbling and slurring, as well as speed talking by using sound therapy. It can be uploaded to the Digital Launcher along with a simple phone mock-up and earphones in order to effectively demonstrate the utility of the software.


Video is a highly effective tool that will bring more customers to your store. It enables you to present your products and services in a more lively way, and can also help explain complicated aspects that are difficult to convey in written text. Videos can also help you build trust with your customers, which is essential for online home shop uk discount code sales.

The types of videos you can use for product marketing be anything from teasers that spark interest to in-depth demonstrations of your product. They can be featured on your website, social media, and even in your email marketing campaigns. They can be embedded in other types of content like blogs and articles. A well-produced video can provide the much-needed breath of fresh air to the text-heavy emails that fill our inboxes.

These videos highlight the benefits of a particular product in a succinct and engaging manner, and can be shared on multiple platforms. This type of video is a great way to introduce a new product or feature. It’s usually coupled with a FAQ or a description. It can also be utilized in conjunction with product images to increase conversions and brand recognition.

A professional narrator will explain the benefits and features of the product offers in a demo video. A skincare brand, for instance could make use of this format to highlight the ingredients in its product. Another benefit of product videos is customer testimonials they are a great way to demonstrate the efficacy of a product. These videos are simple to create and are an affordable way to increase conversions.

This video from Red Bull is an excellent example of a product demo that combines storytelling and a dynamic look at the product. The narrator provides clear instructions while also promoting the mission of the brand. The fun music in the background compliments this style and adds to the overall atmosphere of the video.


Templates are a well-known digital product. They can be used on websites, software applications, or as part of an electronic learning course. Customers will spend more money for templates that save money and time. The best templates will be those that are simple to use and produce professional results. The template market is an area that is gaining popularity and can provide significant profits for smart entrepreneurs.

The process of creating the perfect online store template can be difficult. You need to offer enough information to draw customers and not overpower them. A template that is informative and inspiring will be a success. You can create a positive experience for your customers whether you’re selling clothes, toys, shoes or home accessories.

You can draw visitors to your website by offering a discount or sales page. Or you can use a Wishlist feature to track their favorite products. This will help you create a community and improve your conversion rates. It will also be an excellent way to collect customer email addresses which can be used for newsletters and promotional offers.

Whether you’re running a boutique, artisanal shop or a plant nursery, this template is the perfect fit for your brand. Its sleek design is easy to customize, and it features an image carousel on your homepage that highlights your most popular products. You can also add a related item gallery to your product pages to ensure that customers can see other products that may be a good match to the one they’re purchasing. This will let you upsell and cross sell more products to your customers.


Digital goods can be accessed via the Internet and are accessible to anyone around the world. Video games, apps and audio files are all a part of digital products. They are also easy to make and distribute. They don’t need to be manufactured or undergo quality control. They also don’t incur any costs for shipping and returns or other expenses. This makes them a desirable alternative to physical products for companies who want to boost profits.

Examples of software products include applications like word processors, web browsers, and graphic design programs. These programs are loaded onto a computer and accomplish specific tasks, such as opening websites, writing text or drawing images. The system software runs the central processing unit (CPU) memory, video card and input/output devices that are part of a computer.

Multimedia applications are a different type of software that lets the user edit image and video files. These kinds of applications are used in the telecommunications and entertainment industries. They can also be installed on mobile devices to play video games. They are often accessible via online platforms like Steam and Twitch that are accessible on a variety of operating systems.