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The Benefits of a Freestanding Fireplace

While traditional built-in fireplaces have dominated the home fire realm for a long time Freestanding stoves are growing in popularity. These fireplaces have both aesthetic and practical benefits.

They are simple to install and do not require a fireplace, and come in a variety of sizes and designs. This article will explore the pros and cons of freestanding fireplaces.


The cost of your freestanding fireplace will vary according to the features you choose and the type of fireplace you select. The cost of a freestanding fireplace will depend on the type and features you choose. Prices for the cheapest models start at less than $600 while more expensive units come with a blower fan or other advanced features. You should shop for the best deals and look at construction salvage stores and off-season sales. You might also want to put up an additional fireplace mantel to improve the appearance of your fireplace. This feature will add $150 to $500 to the overall cost of your project.

A freestanding fireplace could be an excellent alternative to a fireplace built-in, especially when you live in a home which isn’t ideal for a traditional chimney or brick wall. It can be installed quickly and is available in a variety of designs. You should be aware that a freestanding firebox will not be able to provide the same amount of heat as a firebox integrated.

If you’re planning to make freestanding fireplace it is necessary to determine the area and what it will be used for. If you’re planning to place a television above the fireplace, for instance, you’ll have to take into account the size of the TV and the distance between the TV and the top of the mantel. It may be necessary to add more lighting to the room.

The location of your fireplace relation to the gas line and the electrical system is a further consideration. If you plan to use natural gas (NG) or freestanding fireplace propane gas (LP) model you’ll need the gas line as well as electrical wiring checked by a professional before installation. You’ll need to hire an electrician to connect the new line to the existing one. This could cost up to $2,000

If you’re looking for ways to increase the warmth and comfort in your home without spending a lot of money, a freestanding fireplace might be the perfect solution. They are available at a variety of stores and are easy to put in. Certain models come with a mantel which can be hung to the wall. Others have an elegant surround. You can also find them in various sizes to allow you to pick the one that is right for your home.


A freestanding fireplace is an excellent addition to any home. They come in a wide range of sizes and styles, and can be put in virtually every room of your home. Many of these fireplaces produce significant amounts of heat. They are also simple to operate and are a great alternative to a wood-burning stove.

If you want to install a freestanding fireplace in your house there are some things you should consider before purchasing. First, make sure the fireplace is compatible with your home’s heating system. Secondly, check the installation guidelines of the manufacturer carefully. Some manufacturers may require you to build frames within the wall to accommodate the fireplace, while other manufacturers do not. In any scenario, you must follow the instructions carefully to ensure that the fireplace is safe and secure in your home.

If you’re not changing an existing chimney to an independent fireplace, you will need to install a vent on your fireplace. You can select between a direct vent and ventless fireplace. Direct-vent models will require a vented line through the home’s exterior, while ventless models will only require a gas line. Direct-vent models are more popular because they are simpler to install.

You will also need to remove any flooring that could be flammable and build an appropriate platform for the fireplace. The platform must be constructed of an unflammable material like concrete, brick or hardwood. It is also recommended to create an area of a few feet around the platform to prevent fires. Some fireplaces come with platforms but you can build your own from wood beams. Be sure to follow manufacturer’s guidelines when building the platform.

Install the fireplace once the platform is set. You’ll first have to cut a hole for the flue pipe in your wall. The hole should be at least six inches away from the fireplace’s edge. Also, you should install a fire stop to protect your walls from embers as well as an air vent tube cover for the outside of your home.

Energy efficiency

A freestanding fireplace is an ideal addition to your home, especially if you want to use it for both decorative and heating purposes. These fireplaces are available in various styles and can be configured for gas, wood or pellets. They can also be designed to look contemporary or vintage, so they fit well in most environments and style preferences. They are also much easier to set up than a fireplace built into the wall.

Energy efficiency is one of the most important aspects to take into consideration when selecting freestanding fireplaces. A fireplace that is efficient will direct all of the heat it creates into the room, without losing energy. It will also prevent condensation and odors from developing in the chimney. In addition, it will reduce the amount of air pollution that exits through the chimney.

A fireplace can save you energy however, it can be expensive to operate. It is important to understand the amount of free standing electric log fireplaces power a fireplace uses in order to determine its energy efficiency. A typical electric fire uses around 1.5 Kilowatts in an hour. This amount of electricity is equivalent to around 2 watts per square foot. You may have to lower the temperature of a small fireplace in order to reduce the electricity consumption.

Another method to increase the efficiency of energy use in a freestanding fireplace is to replace the fireplace insert with a new model. The new inserts are designed to be more efficient than traditional fireplaces that burn wood and will save you money on your electricity bill. They are also more eco sustainable, and do not produce as much smoke or the ash that traditional fireplaces do.

Another option to think about when deciding on an energy-efficient freestanding fireplace is to purchase gas fireplace inserts that uses natural or propane-fueled fuels. These fireplaces can be used in any part of the house and are more efficient than wood-burning models. They also have an exhaust system that directs the exhaust away from the house and helps keep the room air fresh.


There are a variety of opinions about which fireplaces look the best. Some people prefer a fireplace that is built-in, while others want one that is freestanding. This choice depends on the style of your home and the space you will have to work with. Whatever style you prefer there’s a wood fireplace place to suit your taste. It is essential to choose the appropriate style to create a cohesive design.

A fireplace that is not surrounded by walls is a striking feature in your living space. You can opt for a traditional brick or stone frame or a modern surround with shelving or cabinets to create a library-like feel. Certain designers utilize these surrounds to visually connect a freestanding fireplace to the rest of the room. Others use them to give an unique look to the led fireplace freestanding, like a shiplap surround that runs up the sides of the fireplace.

Adding a freestanding fireplace to your home can be an easy DIY project. If you have some woodworking skills, you can build a mantle and surround for your fireplace to save money. You can also install a wall-mount electric fireplace, which is much more permanent since it is mounted to the wall using mounting brackets.

If you’re unsure of how to incorporate a freestanding fireplace into your home, think about consulting with an expert. They can help you select a design that will suit your tastes and budget. A professional can also help you select the best fireplace for your home.

A freestanding fireplace can bring a touch of class to any home. It’s a great method to enhance the interior of your home and also keeping it cozy. It can also be a great centerpiece for a family gathering.

Even in the backyard, a fireplace could be a welcoming and attractive feature to any home. You can make it a focal point by creating a seating area, a fire pit and other decorative elements. The best time to add a fireplace is when you are planning your new home, or when you are redesigning an existing room. This will help you avoid costly mistakes and make the process more efficient.