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Birth Defects and Medical Malpractice

Every four and five minutes, one baby in the United States is born with an anomaly in the birth process. These birth defects can have a lasting effect on the lives of the affected.

Variations in the way cases are classified and identified can lead to the over- or under-ascertainment certain birth defects that are subtypes. A well-designed surveillance system employs active case ascertainment (including medical record abstract and clinical review) in addition to passive reporting.


A baby born with injuries or defects could cause long-term health issues. Birth defects are often the result of medical error or medical error made by a doctor during pregnancy.

In certain cases, birth defect can be avoided through prenatal care and good nutrition. In some instances birth defects may be caused through environmental factors like exposure to harmful chemicals or toxic substances. Birth problems can be caused by complications in pregnancy, such as constriction of the uterus, rupture of amniotic fluid’s sac or a deficiency of oxygen to the foetus.

Certain birth defects are the result of genetic disorders that run in families. These can be diagnosed with tests for blood or an ultrasound. Some of these ailments can be prevented or treated, such as PKU sickle cell disease, and cleft lip and palate. Other birth defects have no reason and are classified as congenital disorders or congenital anomalies.

Women over the age of 30 and women of certain ethnicities are more at risk of risk of having birth defect lawsuit defects. Couples who share a family history of genetic illness may consider seeing an expert in genetics prior to trying to get pregnant. This can help couples decide if they need to undergo further testing. Screening tests for newborns are able to detect certain conditions, like congenital defects that are critical and certain infections that could be treated right away.


A birth defect is an abnormal growth that affects any part of the body and can affect the way organs work or the structure of the body. Birth defects are often detected by a healthcare provider during the pregnancy process, at birth, or in the early stages of childhood. Certain birth defects are obvious like cleft lips, craniofacial abnormalities however others are more conspicuous such as congenital heart disease and biliary atresia (an obstruction of the duct which carries the bile into the liver).

Many birth defect-related conditions can be identified by newborn screening tests that look for specific health issues. These include PKU, congenital hypothyroidism and sickle cell disease. Newborn screening also looks for certain genetic diseases like Down syndrome. Certain birth defects can be detected by a healthcare provider through ultrasounds and blood tests in pregnancy, depending on the condition.

It isn’t always possible to pinpoint the cause of a birth defect. However the environment is often implicated. This can include exposure to prescription or non-prescription medications, chemical substances contaminating the air and water in communities or complications during pregnancy or delivery. Sometimes, birth defects happen due to a medical professional failing to take the appropriate steps to treat or prevent the occurrence of a medical condition. In these instances it is possible to file a lawsuit for medical malpractice might be filed.


When a birth defect is diagnosed, the treatment options vary depending on the type and severity of the condition. Some birth defects can be corrected before the baby is born. Others might require medical or surgical intervention after the baby is born.

Many of the most common birth defects are chromosomal, birth Defect Attorneys resultant from the absence of or extra genes that are present in the cells of a person. They usually come from the parents. Birth defects that are structural include things like cleft lip or neural tube defects as well as heart problems. They are typically caused by issues with the development of the baby’s organs and tissues, particularly in the first three months of pregnancy.

Screening tests for birth defect attorneys defects may be performed during pregnancy, after a baby is born, or later on in life when the first signs begin to appear. These tests are conducted through ultrasounds and blood tests. A person may undergo a genetic test for birth defects to determine if they are predisposed to a particular disease.

It is not always simple to avoid birth defects. Some are caused by complications that occur during a woman’s pregnancy while others can be traced back to specific environmental elements. The consumption of tobacco, drugs or alcohol during pregnancy may lead to birth defects. Some birth defects can also be linked to chemicals found in the environment. These include pesticides as well as herbicides like Agent Orange, which was used during the Vietnam War between 1962 and 1971.


Despite the latest advances in medicine birth injuries and defects persist as an unfortunate fact. Many birth defects can be prevented. If you have a child that has an issue with their birth that could be the result of the negligence of medical professionals, it is important to talk to an experienced lawyer as soon as you can. An empathetic and knowledgeable medical malpractice lawyer will help you understand your legal options and seek compensation to help cover the costs of your family and losses.

Our team of expert birth defect lawyers has many years of experience dealing with cases involving wrongful births. Our firm is a plaintiff-only law practice, and we take pride on the quality of service we offer our clients. We’ll relieve you of the burden so that you can focus on your child, yourself and your entire family.

We can help you seek compensation for losses, including past and future medical expenses as well as loss of income, punitive damages, in some cases as well as emotional distress. Our lawyers will investigate the case and will work tirelessly to ensure that your family receives the most favorable possible result.

Drug makers are required to adequately test their products before putting them on market and to warn consumers of potential side effects. However, if your child’s birth defect was caused by a drug, you could make a claim for product liability with the help of a birth defects drug lawyer.