The 10 Most Scariest Things About Samsung Refrigeration

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Smart Features For samsung fridge freezer Refrigerators

samsung best fridge freezer refrigerators come with a variety of unique smart features, including the Family Hub. The Family Hub allows you to manage your electronic calendars and leave notes for your family or housemates.

The Food Showcase model of the company also has an external Food Showcase that opens into an open-top box to allow easy access to food items.


Find flexible storage solutions for your home with our innovative FlexZone Drawer, which is ideal for food items and drinks like deli meats and platters for parties. The drawer is adjustable to four different temperatures which allows you to store the contents at the ideal temperature and features adjustable dividers for easy organization.

The bottom freezer compartment can also be converted into fridge space, which provides convenience and flexibility to your household. This ENERGY STAR certified refrigerator’s digital inverter compressor, robust construction and long-lasting performance ensure durability and effectiveness. It is backed by a manufacturer’s warranty.

Enjoy smart functions to improve your experience and save energy. This fridge comes with a remote control so you can control and adjust the temperatures from any location. SmartThings allows you to keep track of the status of appliances as well as receive notifications about food items in your fridge.


Although the industry is working to improve interoperability between devices and reduce fragmentation, the manufacturers are still competing to lock you into their ecosystems. Samsung’s SmartThings is a prime example, offering a variety of connected devices, as well as a hub built into a variety of its refrigerators and TVs.

With the SmartThings app it is possible to manage your Samsung fridge and other devices through the same interface. The app’s Dashboard panel gives you direct access to all the features you require, whether you want to monitor cameras, control lights, check laundry cycles, or set temperature.

SmartThings also includes Scenes and Routines that can be activated automatically or manually. Look for the “Works with smartThings” sticker on new smart home devices to ensure compatibility. The app is available on Android and iOS devices. You’ll need an samsung Refrigeration account and an internet connection. The availability of energy services may differ by location and device.


Created to function as an extension of your mobile device, FlexDock brings a new ease-of-use to charging and docking. It was designed to facilitate rapid loading of media and keeps cables and cords away from view. FlexDock is an adaptable docking system that enables you to build the perfect solution for your particular requirements. Different bases offer options for data communications charging, charging or a combination of both. A common interface between the bays and cups allows users to upgrade to new Intermec mobile computers without having to replace your entire infrastructure. FlexDock is also compatible with Steelcase CF Series monitor arms for immediate connection to power, data and display. USB and Thunderbolt(tm) 4 technology allow for high-speed connections to hardwired data, monitors and peripherals. AC power pak with 1 year warranty.


It is designed to meet the needs of distribution for residential and commercial settings, FlexSelect has many features including NMI power metering or standard. The entire solution is AS/NZS 61439.2 performance-tested and includes breakers. This enables you to install the system faster and obtain client approval. Configure boards online and get immediate indicative pricing. Then, place an order through wholesalers to minimize packaging waste and speed up the quotation process. Suitable for both encapsulated or isobar chassis.

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The FlexCase is an intelligent flip case that combines an easy-to-use, flexible input sensor with an off-the-shelf, 4-inch flexible display made of e-paper. It is possible to generate enough energy to power the device via piezoelectric current by stretching, compressing or flexing the cover. The case also doubles as an additional screen that can accept input to reduce the number of buttons on your phone. The prototype will be showcased at Computer-Human Interaction in California next month. Watch the video to find out more about these smart and flexible devices.


The pre-programmed temperature makes it easy to store produce, wine and other food items. The FlexZone drawer can be converted from freezer to refrigerator, and the shelves can be adjusted to accommodate higher-end items. Additionally the Dual Ice Maker makes both regular cubed ice and smaller Ice Bites that chill drinks faster.

Keep your entire family in touch Stay connected with the entire family using Family Hub, so everyone has access to the information they require when they need it. By pressing an icon you can share images and Samsung refrigeration videos using Google photos,* find recipes and grocery items that have Alexa integrated,** and much more. Plus, a Fingerprint-Resistant Finish makes it easy to wipe away smudges and marks. **

Wi-Fi Slide-in Range

These ranges are designed to be installed between cabinets or other appliances. They are sleek with a design with a built-in look. They also don’t have a backsplash and have finished sides to create a seamless appearance, and tend to be more expensive than freestanding styles.

This dual fuel, Wi-Fi-enabled, ProBake Convection InstaView range enhances your cooking skills by providing premium finishes and innovative features that make cooking convenient and precise. For example the oven is equipped with Smart Divider technology that allows you to cook two distinct dishes at the same time by using separate oven settings.

The cooktop is easy to grip, intuitive metallic knobs with softly lit blue LED light. The oven’s capacity is ideal for larger casserole dishes or roasting pans. Additionally, Wi-Fi connectivity and smart capabilities allow you to control and monitor your oven from afar using the LG ThinQ app or your compatible voice assistant like Bixby*.