The 10 Scariest Things About Key Fob Repair Near Me

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Key Fob Repair Near Me

The key fob of your car will experience a lot of wear and tear. It’s why it’s essential to have a backup in the event that yours fails.

The most frequent issue is a dead or low battery. However, there could be other reasons for your key fob to stop working. Numerous automakers offer guidelines on how to replace the battery in the fobs.

Dead Key Fob Battery

One of the most frequent reasons for the key fob’s slow response is that the battery has failed. It’s time to replace your battery if find yourself pressing the unlock button multiple times before your car responds, or if it isn’t locking as far as it used too. The good news is that unlike your car’s battery, it’s fairly easy to replace a key fob’s battery yourself.

The first thing to do is verify that the fob actually works, which means pressing the unlock button several times. If you’re sure that it hasn’t simply not working because it’s not in range there are some things you can do to get it back. Ensure you have your fob. If there is enough power in the battery, you can turn it on it by pressing it against the driver’s door handle.

Then, ensure that you have the correct kind of battery, which is embossed on the fob itself. It’s typically a battery known as button cells. Brands such as Duracell or Energizer sell buttons. Once you’ve found the correct battery, you can remove the old one and put the new one in place with the positive side facing up. Snap the fob halves together and test the lock/unlock/start function.

If you want to make sure you’re extra safe, bring the fob to a repair car key shop or a dealer to replace the battery. It’s more expensive to have someone else replace the battery than if it were done by you, however you won’t damage the circuit board if you do it yourself.

If you’d rather save the money, you can buy a CR2032 battery from a hardware store or big box retailer, and then follow the instructions in your owner’s guide (which is likely to be available online as PDFs via the manufacturer’s website, or at least on YouTube) to change out the battery of your fob yourself. This is a simple process that will bring back the remote functionality that you’ve been using during your Springfield trips.

Damaged Buttons

While it may seem odd that the key fob in your car needs to be maintained it is true that they are. Often, these aren’t serious and can be as simple as replacing the battery. Other issues can arise that may indicate that the keyfob requires more attention.

The power button could be the reason for your key fob not functioning or buttons not working. Cell buttons can be damaged through wear and tear, and the internal components could break or knocked out. There are DIY kits to replace power buttons, however it isn’t easy to work with such small and delicate parts. It’s also dangerous to try and replace the power button because you could end up damaging the circuitry.

There are locksmiths in the automotive industry with the right equipment for this kind of repair and they can typically complete the repair while you wait. They can keyless entry repair the buttons in a matter of minutes and make them look as good as new.

If you don’t want to hire a professional then you can purchase aftermarket key fobs at a bargain price. They look exactly like your original key fob. Some dealers and retailers allow you to program them using your vehicle, whereas others won’t. Genesky claims he is able to program his fobs to work with all vehicles manufactured since the 1990s but he has to refuse customers who have newer Audi or BMW models since he doesn’t have the equipment needed to program them.

Check your vehicle’s warranty to see if it covers the cost of a replacement key fob, or at the very least some of the cost. This will allow you to decide whether it is worth paying for a key fob repair or key Fob repair near me just getting a new one.

Issues with the Circuitry

Your key fob is used every day, which means it is subject to a lot of abuse and stress. It is damaged when it is dropped, tossed around and exposed to cold or hot. This can damage internal components, especially the tiny electronic circuit board inside that sends signals to your car. Depending on how damaged these signals are, they may cease to function and stop you from opening your doors or starting your vehicle.

If you’ve tried replacing the battery but it still doesn’t work the fob could need to be reprogrammed specifically for your particular model and make. This can be done through a dealer, or a professional shop with expertise with your vehicle. The procedure is typically very easy and only takes about a couple of minutes to complete.

The casing of your fob may also wear out and lose contact with internal components. The casing contains contacts, which are rubber-like components coated in electricity-conducting film that assist with sending the signal to your car. The casings can become worn down over time or snap completely. A replacement casing is a straightforward fix that should bring your device back to its original functioning.

Sometimes your key fob has to be changed to reflect the current year model, model, and make of your vehicle. If you have a spare fob this is a simple solution that can be carried out at home or by an expert. The process is easy and requires only the instructions on the website of your manufacturer or your local dealership’s service center.

If your key fob is not functioning properly, you may require replacing it. This is more expensive and will require the visit of a dealer or independent shop who is familiar with your particular make and model. If your key fob doesn’t perform as it should, replacing it is the best solution. There is no need to worry about being stuck in a bind. Depending on the brand and model, replacements can range in price from around $50 to $150 or more.


While it’s not ideal that your car key fob does not always work, it’s important to know that the majority of problems are fairly simple and can be repaired. One of the most common issues is a dead fob battery, which can be replaced quickly and will get you back on the road as quickly as you can. It is a good plan to keep spare batteries in your vehicle so that you can easily replace them if needed.

The process of replacing a key fob battery is fairly easy, though it can be difficult if this is your first time. You will need to be aware of the type of battery that is required for your key fob before you buy the correct battery. The information is generally available online, however, you should also check the owner’s manual for your vehicle for clarification. Once you’ve identified the type of battery your key fob requires then you can go to a local store or home improvement store to purchase it. These kinds of batteries are typically cheap, and it is a good idea to have several on hand. Once you have the new battery, take care to place it in your key fob in the proper orientation. This will ensure the (+) and (-) signs are positioned in exactly the same way as they did with your old battery. After you have inserted your new battery, snap the key fob back together and test it.

The replacement of a key fob’s battery is an easy task, and you can do it on your own if you know how to do so. If you are unable to figure out what is wrong with your key fob, or when it isn’t working after replacing the battery, it could be time to call an expert for a professional replacement. It’s always a good idea to fix your key fob prior to purchasing a replacement. However, this might not be feasible. In these cases it is more economical to purchase a replacement from an online retailer.