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How to Install a Wall Electric Fireplace

The ideal wall-mounted electric fireplace can be either hung or recessed to save space and create a recessed look. Certain wall electric fireplaces can be hard-wired directly into your home’s electrical system.

Many models are portable, so you can easily move them around if you’re looking to change the look of your space. They can also be connected to standard outlets.

Here are a few examples of

A wall electric fireplace can be a beautiful way to bring warmth to any room. It is a popular choice for rooms where wood-burning fires are not possible, such as bedrooms and offices. It can also be a great option for a living or family room as it can be used to add an element of interest that is stylish and functional.

There are many electric wall fireplaces available on the market. When selecting one, it is crucial to consider a number of factors. Some of them are size, heat output and the style. The size of the fire is crucial as it will determine the amount of space it takes up on your wall and how it fits into the overall decor of your home. The heat output is also an important factor as it will determine how warm your house will be when the fire is on.

Another factor to consider when choosing the wall-mounted electric fireplace is the style and finish. There are a variety of finishes available for these fireplaces from white and black to metallic silver and even wood veneer. It is crucial to pick a style that will compliment the rest of your decor and complement the colour scheme of your room.

The type of heater you choose is the final thing you need to consider when purchasing an electric fireplace that is wall-mounted. The majority of these fireplaces utilize fan-forced heating systems, which means a blower moves air over the heating element to provide warmth to the room. These systems are typically efficient and can be controlled by a touch screen or remote control.

Some models of wall hung electric fireplaces also have a display panel that displays the current settings of the fireplace. This is helpful when you’re not sure how to operate the fireplace or if it is malfunctioning. In addition, these fireplaces are often built with an automatic overheat protection system that shuts the unit off when it begins to get too hot.

An alternative to the traditional wall-mounted Electric fireplaces on the wall fireplace is the inset fire. These fireplaces are installed in the wall and can be recessed to make them less noticeable. These fireplaces are an excellent choice for those who want to add a contemporary feel to their apartment or Fireplacesandstove home without the hassle of installing them.


There are many aspects to take into consideration when installing a wall-mounted electric fireplace. First, you’ll need decide on the kind of installation you want – recessed or a mounted? Both options will work based on the look you want. A recessed model requires you to frame out space in the wall, while a wall-mounted electric fire can be placed flush against the wall for an elegant look.

It is essential to ensure that the place you choose for your wall-mounted electric fire for wall fireplace is close enough to a socket to allow the power cable to reach. It may be beneficial to move the plug socket closer to the fireplace to create an elegant look and to avoid having any unattractive cable showing.

Once you’ve chosen a spot for your new electric fire It’s time to pull the tools out. If you have the right tools to install a wall-mounted fire, the process is easy and can be completed in about 30 minutes. It is important to utilize a spirit level in order to ensure that the brackets used for mounting are correctly positioned against the wall. You will also need an electric drill and screwdriver and scaffolding or a ladder should be used to reach difficult-to-access areas of the room.

Next, you’ll need to determine the width and height of the mount on the wall to determine the dimensions of the fireplace frame that’s required. You can purchase a fireplace wall kit which includes everything you require to build the frame. Alternatively, you can use blocks to create a custom wall to mount the fireplace.

It’s a good idea test the fireplace before you begin drilling into your wall to ensure that it functions correctly. Before you begin the installation connect it to the electrical outlet and test the lighting and heat. Once the framing is complete, you can attach the fireplace to the mounting brackets and hang its glass face.


Electric fireplaces offer the same ambience like a traditional fireplace, but without the dangers of real flames or sparks. It is still essential to take safety precautions when using these kinds of heaters at home. Keep all objects from the heat, including your fingers. Also, keep the fireplace well ventilated to prevent it from overheating. Also, make sure to unplug the appliance when not being used.

In contrast to wood-burning or gas-burning fireplaces, which produce real flames that could be hazardous to touch, an electric fire is only made up of LED lights and [Redirect-iFrame] video images, or mist. This means that it does not generate the extreme heat which can warp a wood or metallic mantel ledge, or burn flammable fabrics, wall coverings and furniture. This is among the primary reasons people prefer electric fireplaces to their traditional counterparts.

The heat produced by an electric fireplace that is mounted on a wall can be warm and emitted at the front. This is why it is important to think about the location of the heating vents on the fireplace when deciding which one to buy. It is recommended to leave three feet of space between the heating vents of the fireplace and any combustible furniture or walls within your house.

It is important to keep in mind that not all electric fires produce the same amount heat. Check the BTUs of each model before purchasing. The more powerful the BTU number, the more heat will be produced in the room.

When selecting a wall-mounted electric fireplace, be sure to check out its safety features too. Be sure to select one that has CSA certification for electrical safety and an automatic shutoff and thermal overload protection. This will reduce the possibility of a fire hazard or short circuits in electrical power.

It is also essential to inspect the fireplace on a regular basis for signs of wear and wear and tear. Make sure the fireplace is free of flammable materials and avoid placing drapes or furniture over it. To prevent overloading the outlet, make sure that the fireplace is not plugged in to a source of power that is shared with other appliances or equipment.


Wall-mounted electric fireplaces look elegant and provide a warm and inviting atmosphere to any home apartment, condo or commercial space. They typically have a bed of glowing embers with a realistic flame that can be used either with or without heating. These units can be placed over furniture, like the sofa or console. Plugging them into the standard outlet makes them easy to operate and use.

Most models are available in a variety of sizes to fit into different spaces. Some models are small enough to put flush against the wall, while others can be recessed partially or completely integrated into the wall to create an aesthetically pleasing appearance. Some electric fireplaces are set on a mantel, creating an older-styled unit.

These models need a bit more work to install because they will require cutting or built into the existing structure of your home. These models can provide an elegant, professional look than a single unit mounted on the wall.

If you’re looking for a more flexible alternative, you can think about a top venting electric fireplace. These units feature a built-in heat vent at the top of the fireplace to ensure that heated air is distributed throughout your space. These units are also easy to install since they can be installed directly on a 2×6 frame wall instead of being recessing.

One of the newest models available is the Scion Trinity, a multi-sided electric fireplace that provides an unobstructed view of the flame display as well as a more substantial ember bed than flat-screen electric fireplaces. It is available in two sizes and can be used either with or without heating.

Another option is the MagikFlame Wall Mounted electric fireplace that has a unique design that is both contemporary and modern. The fireplaces can be mounted from the wall or recessible. They also have a skirt that is trim to smooth any protrusion on the wall. The remote control lets you to alter the settings from any place in the room. They come in a wide variety of finishes, from black to white, to ensure that you find the perfect match for your space.