The Leading Reasons Why People Perform Well In The Double Glazed Window Repair Industry

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Double Glazed Window Repair

Double glazing is a fantastic investment in energy efficiency. It prevents loss of heat during winter months and helps to keep your home cool in summer. Having your double glazed windows repaired as needed is a great way to ensure that they function properly.

Over time, your double glazed windows can suffer from problems like condensation and misting. This can cause your double glazed windows to be difficult to open and close.

Broken Panes

A stray baseball, a flying pebble from your lawnmower, or even a heavy storm can break the double panes of your windows and expose your home to the elements. Although a cracked glass window is difficult to repair but it doesn’t have to be replaced. The insulated glass between two glass panes is still in good shape So you can repair your double-paned window yourself.

First, you’ll need to remove any broken glass from the frame. This is an unpleasant task, and you’ll want to be careful to stop any glass shards from falling onto the floor or sliding out of the frame. Use a pair of work gloves to protect your hands and a cloth to cover the area surrounding the broken glass to avoid further cuts or breakage. After removing the broken piece take care to clean the entire frame of the window to remove any remaining sealant or debris. Sand rough areas of the frame to create a smooth and even surface to install your new window.

After cleaning the frame after cleaning, you can apply a second layer of glass to the area where you removed the broken pane. This is the best way to ensure your window repairs stays secure and sealed, and it will aid in reducing energy costs by preventing drafts and water from entering the house. The next step is to choose the glazing material. There are several options available, including clear tape that is more durable than regular tape and will keep your window safe from further cracking, as well as glazing film that resembles clear plastic wrap. This choice has the benefit that it can be painted to match the frame of your window and will also keep out snow and ice.

Whatever the material you select regardless of the material you select, it is crucial to press the glazier’s points into the place where the putty joins the frame. These will hold the new glass in place and help it stick to the frame. Glazier’s points can be found in hardware stores, and they are available in pre-made ropes that you roll over the frame rabbets.


Double glazing can be prone to condensation issues. If you experience this issue, it is best to call the company that supplied the window. Many companies offer warranties and guarantees that will cover these issues. Condensation or fogging between the windows’ panes is a sign that your seals are damaged. Only a professional can resolve this issue by replacing the panes.

It is a tricky procedure that requires special tools to remove and replace the window. A professional can do this job and provide the tools. It is recommended to leave the work to professionals. These tools can be risky.

Wear safety gloves and glasses if you opt to do it yourself. You may be exposed to flying glass fragments. It is essential to take out any putty or metal glazing points from the grooves that will hold the new upvc window repairs near me. It is also recommended to wire-brush the frame and vacuum or wipe it with a damp cloth. Once the frame is dry and clean you’ll need to get a replacement glass that is 1/8 inch shorter in each direction than your window, and then test it in the grooves.

You’ll have to apply a layer of silicone caulk in the grooves of your frames to ensure the glass you are installing is secure in its installation. After the silicone caulk has dried and cured, you can smooth it out and make any necessary adjustments. Then the wood molding can be put back in place.

Double-glazed windows can be difficult to open or close in the event of extreme weather. Extreme temperatures can cause the frames to shrink or expand and this can make them sag or stick. Try wiping the frames with water and then lubricating them if this is the case however, it’s better to seek help from the company who installed your windows.


If moisture is trapped between the glass panes it can cause misty double glazing. Double glazing is made up of two panes that are separated by a space that is filled with argon for better thermal efficiency. This creates an airtight sealing that keeps warm air inside, and cold outside air out.

This seal can fail over time, and moisture can build up between the panes of glass and cause them to become misty. This occurs because the sun’s heat causes the gap between the window panes, which causes the water to evaporate.

This is a natural process however, if it happens between the panes of the window it could be a problem because it will no longer be able to control the temperature in the room. Instead the temperature outside of the window will affect the temperature inside. If you notice that your double-glazed windows are turning blurred, call the experts at Northfield Glass to investigate.

We can repair the individual blow-sealed unit without having to replace the whole window and is less disruptive than a total replacement. Our misty window repair involves removing the glass unit, washing it, and replacing it with a new one to create an watertight seal.

There are companies within the field which claim to drill holes in your windows with mist and inject chemicals into them which they say removes the condensation and fog however, we don’t recommend this method. This method is not only unattractive, but it could also damage the toughened glass and can leave you with a window that does not completely function.

If you don’t fix the problem immediately it could result in mold, which could not only harm the window, but risk health issues for your loved ones. Moisture in the window can also lead to other problems in your home such as damp or rot. In some cases it might be necessary to replace the entire window.

Blown or failed

Modern double-glazed windows come with two glass panes that have an inert gas or air in between them. This increases their thermal efficiency, keeping warm air in and cold air out. Over time the gas will be depressurized and cause various issues.

Condensation between panes is among the most frequent. It’s not a sign of a failure in the window however it could be a sign you should reseal the panes. Condensation could also be a sign of a broken double glazing that will need to be replaced.

Double-glazed windows may also cause drafts. It could be due to the seal being damaged, a broken handle, or a broken lock. A draught is obvious and result in higher heating costs, so it is important that you get this fixed sooner rather than later. You can test the seals by feeling around the edges of the window frame to see whether you feel cold air.

You may also see water beads on the inside of windows when your window seals aren’t working. This is an indication that you have to replace the seals on your double-glazed windows.

Your window frames are made to move a little bit in order to do to keep the glass sheets in place. Over time, this special packaging material may be compressed. This will result in the seal being broken. This allows air to circulate between the panes and reduce the efficiency of your window.

A blown seal is an obvious sign that your double glazing is damaged and should be repaired immediately. A damaged seal can stop your double glazing performing its primary function that is to keep the cold out and warm air in. Additionally, a blown seal can let moisture in, which can result in mold and other unpleasant conditions. It is important to contact a double glazing repair specialist when you discover a blowing seal on your double-glazed windows, as they can replace the whole unit.