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What You Get From an Auto Accident Settlement

The amount you get for an auto accident lawyers accident settlement is contingent on the severity of your injuries. More severe injuries can result in larger current and future medical expenses.

Documenting your losses will help you maximize your settlement. Your lawyer can prepare a list of damages, including medical notes, wages records, and eyewitness testimony.

Medical bills

Medical bills are often the first thing people think about when injured in a car accident. Fortunately, the law typically covers these expenses in personal injury cases. However, it may take months or even years before the at-fault motorist is held accountable by a court ruling or settlement agreement. In the meantime, victims accumulate medical bills that must be paid.

Car accident injuries typically require substantial medical treatment, such as surgery and physical therapy. The resulting medical bills can be substantial. It is important that victims know that they don’t be responsible for their own medical bills following an accident. Instead, the at-fault motorist should be responsible for them as part their accident settlement.

In some instances the at-fault party can pay the victim’s medical bills directly. In some instances the victim’s health insurance policy or med-pay plan will pay these expenses as they accumulate. These bills may be covered by rolling claims based on the insurance coverage of the person and circumstances.

In some instances the hospital or health insurance provider may place a lien on a portion of the victim’s eventual settlement. Fortunately, an experienced lawyer can assist in negotiating these liens to ensure that more money is put in the victim’s pocket.

Loss of wages

A car crash can cause destruction to your finances. In addition to your medical expenses and property damage, you may be required to pay for lost wages due to of your injuries. New York law requires car insurance policies to pay for your loss of income up to a certain limit. Your attorney will fight to get you the full amount of the lost earnings.

Paystubs or other forms of documentation for wages are the most commonly used method to prove the loss of income. Other important documents include bank statements, invoices and correspondence if you were self-employed. Correspondence from your employer which confirms the number of hours/days you were absent from work because of your injuries is also extremely important.

If you suffer from an injury that permanently limits or hinders your ability to earn the money you deserve, your lawyer will talk to an economist or financial expert in order to determine your future earning potential. In this kind of situation the expert will examine your age, education, training, credentials along with your career tracker and the job duties you are unable to no longer carry out.

At Michaels Bersani Kalabanka, our Syracuse car accident lawyers often encounter clients who have been severely injured in accidents and are no longer work. They are not just entitled to lost wages without fault, motor but may be able to get additional compensation from the at-fault motorist’s or car owner’s insurance.

Pain and suffering

Car accident victims are entitled to compensation for the emotional stress and pain they suffer after an accident. Insurance companies often ignore emotional distress and pain because they are not documented with photographs or xrays. It is essential to have an experienced personal injury lawyer on your side in dealing with the insurer of the person who was at fault.

Your Queens injury attorney can help you gather evidence to support your claim. Medical bills and official diagnoses, for example, can be used to demonstrate the severity of a victim’s injuries. A journal or diary, which begins at the time of the accident and continues throughout the recovery process, can document emotional distress and physical discomfort.

The severity of your injuries will affect the settlement you receive. For Motor example, a spinal cord injury or a severe brain trauma could result in a larger payout than a minor concussion that was cured in three weeks.

The value of your injuries is a critical aspect that can affect the amount you receive from an auto accident lawsuit accident settlement. Your lawyer can help you determine your damages and develop a strong case to get the full compensation you deserve. Contact an experienced lawyer today to find out more about the various types of damages that can be awarded in a New York car accident lawsuit.


As we discussed above, settlement awards are intended to compensate car accident victims for financial losses. The amount of compensation will depend on the severity, and the extent of the injury suffered by the victim as well as the amount of loss they have suffered because of work absence or property damage.

A verdict can also include noneconomic damages such as suffering and pain. Insurance companies use an equation to calculate the amount they are required to pay. These damages are hard to quantify however they can be determined. A multiplier, often calculated based on medical costs, is added to the quantifiable cost to calculate a settlement amount for non-economic damages. Major injuries and permanent impairments are generally paid more than minor or injuries that are temporary.

A car accident can be a devastating experience, and the losses associated with it can be life-altering. The amount of a settlement won’t completely erase the losses but it can aid victims in overcoming their financial burdens and return to normalcy.

A skilled car accident lawyer will know how to assess your situation and fight for the best settlement possible. While it may seem appealing to settle for less than you are entitled to, this could hinder your future recovery. After you sign a settlement agreement, it is understood that you give up the right to file further claims or sue in court to recover any additional damages related to the accident.