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custom neon
how to make acrylic neon sign

Creating an acrylic neon sign involves several steps and materials. While traditional neon signs use glass tubes filled with gas, acrylic neon signs mimic the look using LED strips embedded in acrylic. Here’s a basic guide on how to make an acrylic neon sign:

**Materials and Tools:**

1. **Acrylic Sheet:** Choose a clear or custom neon colored acrylic sheet of the desired size for your sign.

2. **LED Neon Flex or LED Neon Rope:** Purchase LED neon flex or rope lights in the color you want for your sign. Make sure it’s flexible enough to bend into the desired shapes.

3. **Power Supply:** Get a power supply suitable for your LED neon lights. Make sure it matches the voltage and power requirements of your lights.

4. **Drill:** You’ll need a drill to create holes in the acrylic for the lights to pass through.

5. **Jigsaw or Laser Cutter:** Depending on your design complexity, you might need a jigsaw or a laser cutter to shape the acrylic.

6. **Masking Tape:** Use masking tape to mark your design on the acrylic and protect the surface.

Free vector stylish text effect editable cool and modern text style7. **Sandpaper:** Smooth the edges of the acrylic after cutting.

8. **Screws and Anchors:** If you’re mounting the sign, you’ll need screws and anchors suitable for your wall type.

9. **Adhesive:** Use a strong, clear adhesive to attach the LED custom neon lights to the acrylic.


1. **Design Your Sign:**
– Create a design for your sign on paper or using design software.
– Ensure your design accommodates the bending flexibility of the LED neon lights.

2. **Prepare the Acrylic:**
– Place masking tape on the acrylic sheet to mark your design.
– Use a jigsaw or laser cutter to cut the acrylic following your design.
– Use sandpaper to smooth the edges.

3. **Drill Holes:**
– Drill holes in the acrylic where you want the LED neon lights to pass through.

4. **Mount the LED Neon Lights:**
– Insert the LED neon lights through the drilled holes, following your design.
– Use a clear adhesive to secure the lights in place. Be careful not to block the light emitted from the LEDs.

5. **Connect the Lights:**
– Connect the LED neon lights to the power supply according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

6. **Test the Sign:**
– Before finalizing the installation, test the sign to ensure all lights are working correctly.

7. **Install the Sign:**
– If you’re mounting the sign, use screws and anchors to attach it to the wall.

8. **Finishing Touches:**
– Clean the acrylic to remove any fingerprints or marks.
– Make any final adjustments to the lights if needed.

Remember to follow safety guidelines, especially when working with power tools and electrical components. If you’re unsure, consult with a professional or seek assistance from someone experienced in working with these materials.