Transcript Of CDC Telebriefing: Lung Damage Investigation

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Clark Bailey asked 7 months ago

Thank you all for joining us as CDC continues investigating this multi-state outbreak of lung damage associated with the use of e-cigarette or vaping merchandise, together with state and native health departments and federal companions together with the FDA. We do have concerns about the units themselves and whether heavy metals or other dangerous compounds may be released within the technique of the heating that happens or the battery-operated system. Totally other than the other concerns about nicotine and teenagers and addiction, but as far as the lung illness goes.

For individuals struggling with marijuana addiction, effective therapy-based treatments can be found. Is it one thing that was making individuals sick that doctors just weren’t catching or do you suspect some form of change in the availability chain that made this an element all of the sudden in March and nowhere on the planet aside from the U.S.? OPERATOR: Our next query comes from Denise Grady from New York Instances. OPERATOR: Our subsequent question comes from Mike Stobbe from The Associated Press.

In case you wish to with draw your question press star-2. I have a question concerning the guidance the FDA is working on relating to the e-cigarette flavors and I’m sorry if I missed and this query was asked before, however I was questioning if there are exemptions being thought of for mint or menthol. OPERATOR: Thank you for your participation in today’s conference. OPERATOR: Our next query comes from Jessie Hellmann from The Hill.

This is a question I believe for Dr. Schuchat. So, with that, I believe that’s the very best I can say with why now. So, I feel we are seeing the THC as a marker for products that are risky. We know that there was practices round use of chopping brokers to basically improve the profit from selling cartridges and that the follow might have develop into more widespread. As we continue this investigation, we also want to supply a brief replace about characteristics of patients who have died from EVALI.

We want to assure the general public that we are following all potential leads concerning any particular product, constituent, or compound that may be at subject. It’s a matter of public record ever since a White House announcement last month that the company has been working on a guidance policy to address the flavors issue. It’s important to stress as we have burdened on prior calls that identifying any compounds present within the samples is however one piece of the puzzle and will not essentially reply questions on causality, which makes our collective ongoing work at the federal and state ranges so necessary.

They may be locally produced or produced centrally, and we don’t have information to say it’s all one way or the other. FDA and CDC are also tapping quite a few their laboratory assets throughout the country to ensure a wide range of testing is conducted on samples collected, together with analyzing the substances and the samples and the aerosol produced by the merchandise. Whether it was domestically produced or got here in internationally.