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Wanda Russell asked 7 months ago

We are going to proceed to work 24/7 to find the answers to this outbreak. We do have issues about the devices themselves and whether or not heavy metals or different harmful compounds could also be released within the process of the heating that happens or the battery-operated device. Totally other than the other concerns about nicotine and teenagers and addiction, but as far because the lung disease goes. For individuals struggling with marijuana addiction, effective therapy-based remedies are available.

But at the moment due to the continued presence of cases that solely report exclusive nicotine-containing e-cigarette or vaping product use, we feel it is essential for individuals to consider refraining from use of any kind of e-cigarettes. OPERATOR: Our next question comes from Denise Grady from New York Instances. At the moment press star one to ask a query. In case you want to with draw your query press star-2. Your name is required to introduce your question. OPERATOR: Thanks on your participation in today’s conference.

OPERATOR: Our next question comes from Jessie Hellmann from The Hill. My question is what are your theories as to why this cropped up out of nowhere in March with no prior real information of this being a problem? So, with that, I believe that’s one of the best I can say with why now. I believe that we have to be careful not to conflate the 2 issues of what had been happening for ( a lot of years with the elevated use of e-cigarettes and particularly flavored e-cigarettes by children.

We know that there was practices around use of chopping brokers to primarily increase the profit from promoting cartridges and that the apply could have become extra widespread. I’ve spoken to docs who speculated that the heating gadget and the steel particles it releases might even be a difficulty. We need to assure the public that we are following all potential leads concerning any specific product, constituent, or compound which may be at difficulty.

It’s a matter of public file ever since a White House announcement final month that the agency has been engaged on a guidance policy to address the flavors issue. It’s important to stress as we’ve got careworn on prior calls that figuring out any compounds current within the samples is but one piece of the puzzle and won’t necessarily reply questions on causality, which makes our collective ongoing work at the federal and state levels so vital.