What The Heck Is Ghost Immobiliser Installation?

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Autowatch Ghost Immobiliser Installation

Autowatch Ghost is an immobiliser with Tassa verification that shields you from key cloning, theft, and key cloning. It is a sophisticated solution that integrates with vehicle trackers to make your vehicle nearly impossible to steal.

It makes use of buttons on the steering wheel as well as the door panels and the centre console to create a unique changeable disarm sequence (like a PIN code) that must be entered prior to being able to drive your car.


The Autowatch Ghost Immobiliser protects against wheel jacking, key copying and hacking. It does this by using an individual pin code that you only are aware of. This pin code can be entered using buttons on the steering wheel, centre console or doors. This prevents thieves cloning the fob and taking your vehicle or stealing it off the road. It is also a very effective tracker, enabling you to locate your vehicle if it is stolen.

The immobiliser is connected to your CAN data network and Autowatch Ghost Immobiliser Installation programmed with a unique pin code that you choose. It is not able to be detected by radio or diagnostic signals, and must be activated by a custom sequence of buttons on the console or Autowatch Ghost Immobiliser Installation steering wheel. It is also completely silent, meaning that thieves won’t be in a position to hear it operating. It is concealed within the wiring and can’t be removed. It is a safe device that has been endorsed by most insurance companies. Most offer a discount on monthly premiums.

It can be connected to an app, which you can use to manage and monitor your device remotely. It also tracks your vehicle in the event it’s stolen, which is beneficial if you need to retrieve it. You can also receive notifications when your vehicle has left a specified area, which is great for making sure it isn’t stolen by those who aren’t supposed to drive it.

Ghost is a system that has been approved by insurance companies. It is becoming more popular with car owners as it offers a higher degree of security when compared to other devices that are available from the aftermarket, such as the steering-wheel lock. This is particularly important as thieves are using more advanced methods to steal cars. Ghost immobilisers will make it virtually impossible for thieves to copy or alter your ECU. They won’t be allowed to drive your vehicle. It’s also a cost-effective method that can be used for future vehicles. It’s a very worthwhile investment for any driver.


The Ghost Immobiliser II by Autowatch is an innovative car security system that protects your vehicle from key-cloning hacking and theft. Contrary to traditional systems which require a code from a fob the Ghost utilizes your vehicle’s CAN data network to prevent access to your vehicle. The device is small and concealed within the wires of your vehicle and does not emit radio frequencies making it inaccessible to thieves and extremely easy to use.

The system requires a specific pin-code push sequence that you can alter at any time. This is a sequence of between 4 and 21 button presses on any buttons within your car. You can also add buttons that are obscure, such as the power windows or rear defroster which are difficult for a thief identify. You can also turn on the service/valet mode, which allows you to access the car without having to use the button disarming sequence. Simply switch on the iPhone application and then enter your PIN after you’re inside the car.

Installing a Ghost system can help lower your insurance premiums since it makes your vehicle less attractive to thieves. This is subject to your insurance company’s terms and conditions. Some insurance companies will offer discounts if they’re informed that you have an aftermarket security system however, others may not.

The ghost system is very easy to install. There is no need to remove your key fob and it can be put in the same place. It has very little impact on your vehicles engine and it can be easily removed to be used for valet or service work. The system is very simple to use and is activated by the touch of the button on your phone or by entering your personal pin code.

After you have booked your installation, a member of Ghost’s team will give you an explanation of how the system works. This is followed by the handover of a user guide, installation certificate, and a Ghost Emergency Card. We will also make sure you are completely satisfied and confident about the system before we leave.

Service mode

Some people purchase cars to travel However, for others, it’s their pride and joy. When your car is a thing you treasure, it’s only natural to safeguard it with latest technology. Autowatch Ghost is the best way to accomplish this.

An immobiliser is a tiny device that prevents your vehicle from starting without inputting the correct passcode. It could be an PIN or a sequence of inputs from your vehicle (for instance the indicator stalk buttons). The device is connected to the car’s computer system and thus cannot be recognized by diagnostic equipment. It doesn’t emit radio signals or pulses that can be detected by a smartphone app or tracking device. The Ghost can be used by mechanics or valet services to service vehicles without requiring PIN codes.

However, thieves can clone keys and swap ECUs to get their hands on your car. The audi rs3 ghost installer immobiliser has an option for service mode, which is activated after pressing the button repeatedly for a specified time. The code that is required to enter this mode is a random mix of the vehicle’s inputs (for example the indicator stalk buttons, and other buttons hidden from view). This means that even with the most advanced technology for thieving, your vehicle is still secure.

A Ghost immobiliser is a great method to protect your car from a new method of theft, which is hacking the OBD port. This lets the thief connect a laptop to trick the vehicle’s systems to believe that keys are present, enabling the vehicle to start. But an immobiliser like the Ghost will stop this from happening by connecting to the CAN data circuit, and stopping the thief from modifying your car.

Another benefit of the Ghost immobiliser is that it can be removed and transferred to a new vehicle, should you decide to switch your vehicle during the course of ownership. The only requirement is the new vehicle has to be compatible with Ghost’s software and datapack. The company you choose to install it must also be registered with TASSA and have been cleared by CRB.

Remote control

Ghost immobilisers are car security device that adds an additional layer of protection to your vehicle. It uses the onboard CAN network to prevent your car from starting without a unique code or sequence. It also helps combat key hacking and cloning.

The Autowatch ghost is the first aftermarket CAN-based immobiliser to provide the highest level of vehicle security. It’s connected to the vehicle’s CAN data network and is virtually impossible to detect. The device is hidden inside the wiring, works silently and emits no radio frequency signal to indicate its presence. It utilizes the buttons on your dashboard or steering wheel to create unique PIN code sequence that you can change at anytime, and it’s also possible to create an emergency code should you need it.

It is also totally untraceable as it does not emit any sound or LED indicators to indicate its presence. It also doesn’t require additional wiring which means it can be installed in vehicles without the need for extra modules or components. It’s also extremely low-maintenance, and is designed to be as simple to use as it can be, so that you can always be certain that your vehicle is secure.

An aftermarket ghost immobiliser is a great choice for anyone who wants to protect their vehicle from theft as it can be used in addition to a standard factory-fitted immobiliser. This is because factory-fitted immobilisers rely on the transponder that is built in your car key to transmit the correct code to the ECU when you press the button to start your vehicle. Criminals can employ signal booster technology to amplify the transmission of the transponder on your key in order to steal your vehicle. An aftermarket ghost immobiliser can stop this from happening by stopping the engine from starting when the wrong code is entered.

Ghost immobilisers are the next step in security for your vehicle. They are a revolutionary method to prevent thieves from stealing your vehicle, as they can only drive it if they have the exact PIN number that you have created for it. They are also great for those who’ve spent lots of money and time customising their vehicle, as they can stop thieves from entering your vehicle.