Why You Should Concentrate On Improving Samsung Fridges

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Samsung Fridges – Find a Model That Suits Your Family’s Style

Samsung refrigerators are available in classic stacked models, or large American-style options which include ice and water dispensers. Find a fridge freezer that suits your family’s needs and kitchen’s design.

SpaceMax technology makes the cabinet walls smaller to fit more in, without compromising on energy performance. And there’s a lot of capacity here – the freezer cabinet can accommodate up to 11.5 conventional grocery bags.

Twin Cooling PlusTM

The Twin Cooling PlusTM system separates the freezer and fridge freezer with water dispenser samsung into two distinct zones, ensuring they are at the ideal humidity levels that can reach 70 percent. This helps keep food fresher for longer and keeps it from drying out. It also prevents the mixing of odors, ensuring that your Ice cream doesn’t taste like garlic, and Samsung refrigerators that your food items don’t smell like onions.

Our innovative Digital Inverter Technology automatically changes the compressor speed to meet cooling needs across 7 different settings. This reduces energy use and noise, as well as ensuring efficiency and less wear and wear and. This can mean significant savings on your electricity bill.

We’ve reinvented the refrigerator to give you more space without increasing its exterior dimensions thanks to our unique SpaceMaxTM technology design. The result is a roomy, easy to navigate interior with more room for foods and drinks. You can easily remove or move our Slide & Fold Shelf to accommodate large items as well as multiple containers. It is also deeper than conventional shelves to hold large bottles and cans and reduce the need to re-arrange food.

The fridge comes with a Big guard that shields contents from spills or odors. Our unique Power Chill and Power Freeze functions can be used to rapidly chill drinks or make ice, so you can sip your favorite drink at any time.

We understand how important it is to keep your food safe and secure. This Samsung refrigerator is equipped with the Fridge Door Alarm that’s activated whenever the refrigerator is closed or opened and will sound an alarm when it detects any breach in security. This feature is particularly useful for families with children.

This refrigerator has been ENERGY STARĀ® certified. You can be sure that it has been independently tested and is in compliance with stringent energy efficiency standards. This reduces greenhouse gas emissions and helps to create an environmentally sustainable world.


SmartThings is samsung fridge freezer with water and ice‘s home automation platform and it’s integrated into many of Samsung’s refrigerator freezers. It’s compatible with a variety of Samsung products, including Blu-ray players and TVs and third-party devices, such as Hue bulbs. It also connects to your smartphone using Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. You’ll need to download the free SmartThings app, set up an account Samsung account and add compatible accessories to your SmartThings hub. You can connect it to other smarthome platforms such as Alexa and Google Assistant using a smart speaker or display compatible.

The SmartThings app allows you to control thousands other products from a wide variety of brands. You can dim the lights or turn up the thermostat with your voice and monitor up to six cameras from various brands using the app. Just look for the “Works with SmartThings” label on the packaging of your devices.

You can also make use of the app to create custom automatisations for your fridge, such as turning on the lights at a specific time or setting your oven to cook your meal while you’re away. There used to be an online marketplace available through the SmartThings app that provided pre-made automations that made it easy to create simple Automations, however these have largely disappeared from the current version of the SmartThings app.

Samsung’s fridge freezers come with FlexZone modes for wine, deli, beverage and meat that can be set with the SmartThings app. They can even be programmed to dispensing cold filtered water, cubed or crushed ice – the choices are clearly displayed on the dispenser.

The RS6HA8891SL/EU America Style Fridge Freezer comes with a huge touchscreen on the door. It can be operated by Bixby which is a voice-activated digital Assistant developed by the company or by a button with a designated. It can display online content from a web browser or your favorite apps and lets you add shopping lists, food memos and reminders.

Samsung’s smart refrigerator freezers come with a USB port at the back. This port can be used to charge your phone or other small electrical devices. The power cable that comes with it can be used to charge the fridge freezer or you can plug it into the wall outlet. They also have an extra battery.


The Flex Zone, located on the lower right of this Samsung refrigerator is a customizable storage space that lets you alter the temperature settings to accommodate a variety of foods. This feature is perfect for storing large items like pizzas and deli trays. You can adjust the settings of this compartment with a single control. If you’re planning a gathering with your family and want to keep drinks chilled then switch the Flex Zone into beverage mode. You can also select other options like Freeze, Soft Freeze, Meat/Fish, and fruits/vegetables.

The large adjustable shelves give plenty of space to store all your groceries. The door bins can be used to store tall bottles and jars. Two crispers with humidity control keep produce fresh. This refrigerator is certified by ENERGY S STAR and requires less electricity than traditional lighting.

This sleek French-door refrigerator is the perfect mix of design and functionality. The Tuscan Stainless Steel finish complements the decor of your kitchen and wards off fingerprints and smudges. This makes it easy to keep clean. The SmartThings app lets you monitor your refrigerator’s power usage and samsung refrigerators get helpful energy-saving tips from Samsung.

Designed to meet your family’s everyday requirements The 28 cu. French-door refrigerator comes with a large capacity to store enough food and beverages for the entire family. The drawer that is called FlexZone at the bottom has four temperature settings that can be adjusted to be used as a fridge or freezer.

The Twin Cooling Plus System maintains high levels in the refrigerator to keep vegetables and fruits fresher for longer. A separate freezer compartment also prevents the spread of odours across food. Combined with the EZ Reach Pantry and the full-width drawer for your pantry, this refrigerator has enough storage space to accommodate all your favorite foods.

Family HubTM

Samsung’s Family Hub fridge is a more sophisticated, connected and smarter alternative to a typical French door model. The fridge’s star feature is the 21.5-inch touchscreen that functions as a kitchen’s command center. It is possible to use the screen to write notes, share photos with family and friends, or get weather updates. The screen is pre-loaded, including Pandora and Ring Security. You can also add more apps to the list, so that every member of your household has their own customized screen. You can swipe left on the second screen to access the main controls.

Samsung had originally planned to incorporate Amazon’s Alexa virtual Assistant into the Family Hub. It would have been like an enormous Echo in your kitchen. The feature didn’t make the list for CES 2017 but it’s expected to be available via a July software update. The Family Hub can now use voice commands to determine the weather, set reminders, manage to-do and calendar lists, and create a shopping list and order groceries via Instacart and Groceries by MasterCard. It will also be able to connect to the SmartThings app for controlling smart home devices.

The new Family Hub allows you to check the contents of your fridge in real time by using the internal cameras. It will be able to recognize the contents of your fridge and suggest recipes or meals that are based on the items. It can even take a picture of food and automatically add it to your grocery list.

Finally, the Family Hub will be able to charge your phone through its USB ports, which means you don’t have to carry around a separate power cord. It will also be capable of detecting and warning you when your fridge is running out of ice.

This refrigerator is available in a range of finishes that include black and white stainless steel. It is Energy Star certified, which means it uses less energy than regular models. Additionally, it comes with a built-in water dispenser and an Ice maker. The capacity of the fridge, 230 litres, can hold around 11.5 typical grocery bags of food items. The SpaceMax technology that is used in its construction is the main reason behind this.