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An Albuquerque Birth Injury Attorney Can Help Families Pursue Compensation

Families who have a child who has suffered birth injuries may need compensation to cover the cost of therapy such as assistive devices, therapies, and rehabilitation costs. A skilled albuquerque birth injury lawyer can assist them in pursuing an appropriate amount of settlement for their child’s long-term requirements.

Medical negligence during labor, and birth can result in a variety of birth injuries. These injuries can sometimes be permanent or even life-altering.

Obstetricians and Gynecologists

There may be no more painful experience for a family than when their newborn suffers an injury immediately after birth or shortly thereafter. In the majority of cases the injuries can be prevented. But when doctors, nurses or other medical professionals fail to exercise a reasonable care, the injuries could cause devastating harm to a new mother and her baby.

A qualified birth injury lawyer is aware of the components of a successful malpractice claim comprise a breach of duty, causation, and damages. To prove a breach of duty, a plaintiff must prove that a doctor was below the accepted standards for their field of expertise. Expert witnesses are crucial in establishing the breach of duty element of a lawsuit.

Obstetricians (pronounced ahb-steh, pronounced as ahb-steh,) and Gynecologists are experts in women’s health prior to, during and after pregnancy. They can perform surgery as well as other procedures like hysterectomies and uterine fibroids removal as well as removal of tumors and cysts and albuquerque birth injury attorney uterine fibroid elimination. They can also offer counseling and prenatal screenings for pregnant women.

OB/GYNs are often employed in hospitals, clinics, and private medical offices. Many have their own practices, and can be members of group practices. They can be employed by private or government health insurance companies and are generally regarded as the primary doctors for women.


Nurses may also be held accountable for their actions during labor, pregnancy or delivery. As with all medical malpractice claims, the claimant has to demonstrate that the defendant’s actions or inactions fell below the standard medical profession. This isn’t easy to prove without the assistance of a medical expert who is qualified.

Medical experts can provide valuable insights into a situation and offer professional advice as to whether the actions of the doctor are actually not in line with acceptable standards. A knowledgeable lawyer will know how to secure the right medical experts for the case.

A successful claim can help a family get compensation for both economic and non-economic losses. This includes direct financial losses like medical expenses, lost income and future costs for care. This could also include non-economic damages such as pain and suffering, and loss of enjoyment of life.

A birth injury can’t be compensated with money however it could provide the financial aid required to pay for medical treatment and therapies, assistive equipment and other costs. An experienced lawyer who is familiar with birth injury cases will work tirelessly to ensure that the at-fault medical professionals and facilities are held accountable for their mistakes. They are also ready to take on large physician and hospital defense firms.


Many families with children who have suffered birth injuries could be able to pay for medical treatments and therapies, assistive devices, and other expenses resulting from their child’s injuries. In certain instances parents might be eligible to receive compensation for non-economic damages, such as suffering, pain and other losses. These damages can be granted along with economic damages, which are intended to pay victims directly for financial loss.

Most often, obstetricians and other medical professionals can be held accountable for birth injuries when they fail to monitor the baby or mother prior to, during, and after labor. This may include not noticing signs of fetal stress or disregarding medical advice. Additionally, hospitals could be held vicariously accountable for the inattention of their staff.

Miller Weisbrod Olesky’s attorneys are adept at the recognition of birth injury claims and defending them against healthcare professionals and hospitals. We are ready to fight to hold all parties accountable for the birth injury suffered by a patient. While we recognize that no amount of money can reverse a san jose birth injury attorney injury, our aim is to ensure that parents and their children have the resources they need to deal with their injuries. Depending on the severity of the injury to your child we might be able to claim compensation for:


Anesthesiologists are highly skilled medical doctors who are able to administer and monitor general or regional anesthesia or sedation, prior to, during and after medical procedures such as surgery. They work alongside surgeons, nurse anesthetists and other physicians in urban and rural clinics, hospitals private offices, and Ambulatory healthcare facilities.

Anesthesiologists typically start their careers as undergraduates taking courses in math, physics, chemistry, biology, and chemistry to prepare for the Medical College Admission Test. When they are accepted to medical school, they can earn either a doctor of medical science (MD) or an osteopathic doctor (DO).

An anesthesiologist’s job is to ensure that patients are comfortable during surgery, but they also need to be ready to respond quickly in case an emergency arises. They need to be agile and dexterous with their hands, as they must place IVs, arterial cannulas and breathing tubes. They also use ultrasounds to guide needle placement spinal/epidural needles and nerve blockages.

Due to the complexity of their jobs anesthesiologists usually work with a team of medical professionals. They must be able to communicate effectively with colleagues, and remain alert during the procedure. If an anesthesiologist commits a mistake that causes serious injuries, such as birth injuries. This is why it’s so important for medical professionals to support a claim that the actions of a doctor were below the standard of care in their field.

Medical Equipment Manufacturers

The medical industry relies on the latest equipment and devices to complete vital tasks such as blood tests, xrays and imaging. It is vital that the equipment is reliable and manufactured by reputable companies. There are numerous medical device manufacturers in the United States. Each one has distinct strengths and weaknesses as well as specificities.

For instance, a medical equipment manufacturer which specializes in injection molding could offer products like catheters and syringes. Some of these devices require intricate manufacturing and precise calibration. Medical injection molding manufacturers are experienced with medical grade materials and work in an environment that is clean and sterile. They also offer expertise, technologies, production solutions and services.

Another medical equipment manufacturer is teleflex, which offers catheters and medical devices for the critical care, cardiovascular, and surgical markets. The company also makes respiratory and gastro-intestinal devices. The products are used around the world by hospitals, health care professionals and patients.

Birth injuries caused by medical negligence can be devastating for families. These injuries can cause lifelong medical needs and substantial cost to the financial institution. A successful claim for birth injuries can help you recover compensation to cover these costs.

A qualified Albuquerque birth injury lawyer from Dominguez Law can conduct a thorough review of your family’s circumstances to determine who could be held liable. This includes doctors, nurse practitioners and healthcare facilities. We can talk to medical experts and life-care planners and economists, to determine the needs for the future of your child as well as the amount you should receive in damages.

Other Medical Professionals

Other medical professionals may also be involved in birth injury cases including nurse practitioners and physician’s assistants. They can assist in the labor and delivery process by conducting certain tests or distributing certain medications. They may be held accountable if they fail to perform their duties properly or are negligent in their actions.

A lot of birth injury cases involve a variety of defendants, such as hospitals and doctors. These individuals may try to contest the claim by arguing that the injury was caused by a different cause, such as genetic disorders or maternal complications. In such cases it is crucial to engage a professional attorney to ensure fair compensation.

A knowledgeable Albuquerque birth injury lawyer can help file an action against the at-fault party and pursue compensation for a client’s injuries. Compensation damages could include medical expenses, lost income as well as pain and discomfort. Punitive damages may also be awarded in instances where the actions of the at-fault party were grossly negligent or deliberate.

Parents of children who have suffered birth injuries can find support groups that can provide strategies for coping and advice on how to best utilize healthcare resources in New Mexico. These groups are available in many places such as community centres libraries, schools, libraries, and nonprofit organizations. They are also available online. In addition support groups are usually focused on specific conditions and situations such as cerebral palsy, spinal injury and HIE.