You'll Never Guess This 18 Wheeler Accident Lawyer's Tricks

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18 Wheeler Compensation

The consequences of accidents involving 18 wheeler accident law firms-wheeler trucks could be more serious than collisions between passenger cars. These injuries are often requiring prolonged physical and medical consultations.

The amount of compensation that an accident victim might receive is determined by the two main factors that are: negligence and damages. Your lawyer can research the third parties involved, including car and truck manufacturers, to determine if they are responsible.


As the largest trucks on the road, 18 wheelers carry an enormous amount of cargo. This often includes dangerous substances such as gasoline, ethanol and other chemicals as well as radioactive materials. These substances are at a high risk for leading to serious injuries and even death during a crash, and especially when they spill or roll over.

A collision involving an 18-wheeler can result in severe damage. Medical expenses, lost wages and pain and suffering are just a few of the losses that may be incurred. The extent of your injury and the cost of your financial losses will determine the value of your claim.

In certain instances the parties might be responsible for an accident. The truck driver’s employer could, for instance, be held accountable for failure to ensure that its drivers were properly trained and qualified for their work. A trucking company may also be held responsible for negligence in maintenance.

In some cases an item manufacturer or repair shop might be liable. If the cargo was not properly placed in a container or weighed the shipping company could also be held liable. Our team will review all possible responsible parties to help you to receive the highest settlement for your losses. To determine the full extent of your injuries, we’ll take into account past and future medical expenses. Our legal experts will help you recover any expenses related to the property damage that occurred as a result of your accident.

Medical bills

18 wheeler compensation can be used to pay a variety of costs, such as medical expenses. When you are hit by a semi-truck the injuries you suffer are usually severe and can result in permanent damage. This type of accident can result in a flurry of medical bills that could be unaffordable to pay. This could lead to the loss of income, and put you in danger of bankruptcy.

A successful settlement will take all these factors into account. Your lawyer will assist you determine the amount of compensation you are entitled to and will negotiate on your behalf with the insurance company of the person who is at fault.

Large trucks colliding with one another, which are common on major highways across the state, can be catastrophic. These accidents can be fatal, and victims are left with high medical bills and a loss of income. Due to the seriousness of injuries suffered in these accidents, settlements are usually higher than other claims related to motor vehicle accidents.

You should seek out an experienced NY 18-wheeler injury lawyer to maximize your chances of a fair settlement. Friedman & Simon’s team of lawyers will assist you. will ensure that all liable parties are held accountable. We can also work with experts in the field to in estimating the current and future costs.

Lost wages

18 wheeler Accident wheeler accidents can cause severe injuries, 18 Wheeler accident which can keep the victims from work for a prolonged period of time. This lost income will be taken into consideration when calculating a total amount of compensation. You will need to prove the loss of wages by providing pay stubs, or other proof that you were earning.

A lawyer for truck accidents with experience can assist you in filing a claim and get the compensation you deserve. They can ensure that all damages are taken care of for in relation to past and future loss of earnings, property damage, medical expenses emotional distress, pain and suffering, and many more. They are also able to claim any property that is damaged.

It can take from three months to two years or longer for a lawsuit arising from a truck accident to be settled. The more serious the injury and the more time it takes to settle a fair settlement. However, it is important to choose an advocate who will fight for you to secure the highest monetary settlement that you can. They will work with medical experts and teams to determine the value your case. They will also establish liability which is crucial to achieving an appropriate settlement.

Pain and suffering

18-wheeler accidents can result in serious injuries that can change your life. Their victims could be expected to pay a lot in damages, which include medical expenses and loss of wages. The victims of accidents involving trucks can receive compensation for discomfort and pain. These non-economic damages cover the emotional, physical and mental pain that the victim experiences. These damages could include disfigurement and loss of enjoyment of life as well in other psychological issues.

If you’ve suffered serious injuries in an accident involving an 18-wheeler should contact a personal injury attorney for help. They can assess the damages that the accident caused and determine the appropriate settlement amount. They may also bring a lawsuit against the negligent parties that caused the accident, which can boost the value of your claim.

If an accident victim seeks to sue the truck driver, the court determines who is responsible based on the modified comparative negligence laws of the state. This means that the truck driver will only be held accountable for up to 50 percent of the accident. It is crucial to speak with an attorney with expertise in personal injury cases, such as Beltz Law firm, to ensure that victims are able to recover the maximum amount of monetary damages.

The type of injury suffered in a collision with a truck can have an impact on the final settlement amount. A minor injury case could be settled in a couple of months, however claims for high-value with serious injuries could take 2 years or more to settle.